Diamonds From Space - Heart In Diamond

Do Diamonds Come From Outer Space? When most people think of diamonds, they picture minerals far beneath the surface of the Earth. Even though the majority of the diamonds on the planet are formed this way, it is sometimes overlooked that many diamonds actually come from outer space as well. These diamonds are either carried Read more

The Fascinating History of Diamond Rushes - Heart In Diamond

What’s the History of Diamond Rushes? At 800BC the first diamond was found in India, in 1313 the first diamonds were cut and polished in Venice, Italy, in 1550 Antwerp becomes the diamond cutting and polishing center of the world, in 1870 diamond fields are discovered in South-Africa, in 1947 De Beers further popularized diamonds Read more

Vena Amoris - Heart In Diamond

What is Vena Amoris? Vena Amoris refers to the belief that one single vein connected the heart to the ring finger. It’s Latin for “Vein of Love.” It originated in ancient Egypt before being subsequently passed down throughout the Greek and Roman Empires. This explained the reason why most people in those times chose to Read more

Diamond Idioms and Phrases - Heart In Diamond

What are Some Popular Diamond Phrases and Quotes? The most popular are a diamond in the rough, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and diamonds are forever. Due to their unique properties and stunning beauty, diamonds have captivated the public imagination– and infiltrated our language with many well-used phrases and quotes. Here are a few Read more

More than just Jewels! - Heart In Diamond

An interesting diamond fact you may already know: because of their impressive hardness, industrial-grade diamonds are often used to make saw blades. Read more