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30 November 2015 / Blog

What Are Uses for Diamonds Besides Jewelry?

An interesting diamond fact you may already know: because of their impressive hardness, industrial-grade diamonds are often used to make saw blades. Check out these other diamond uses and materials:
Heat Sinks: Diamonds are excellent heat conductors. In certain electronics, diamonds are used to conduct heat and disperse it into the surround air, cooling the product.
Windows: Fitting your house with diamond windows would be expensive and impractical. However, certain industrial equipment (i.e. laser scanners, x-ray machines, etc.) use thin diamond membranes as durable, heat-resistant windows.
Speakers: Because diamonds are so strong, they vibrate rapidly without distorting. This makes them ideal construction material for high-quality speaker domes.

diamond cremation jewels

Other Ways Diamonds are Used

  1. Dentist tools- Many tools that dentists use to drill cavities contain diamond particles on the tips. These diamonds make the tool more abrasive.
  2. Beauty products- Diamond dust exfoliators, diamond-flecked body sprays, and diamond facials are luxury beauty items that are popular among celebrities.
  3. Speakers- Diamonds are used in speakers for outstanding sound quality in high-end speakers. They have the ability to vibrate rapidly without suffering from any deformation and without affecting or damaging the sound quality.
  4. Treating cancer- Nanodiamonds attached to chemotherapy drugs enables treatment to become more effective.

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