Vena Amoris - Heart In Diamond

What is Vena Amoris?

Vena Amoris refers to the belief that one single vein connected the heart to the ring finger. It’s Latin for “Vein of Love.”

It originated in ancient Egypt before being subsequently passed down throughout the Greek and Roman Empires. This explained the reason why most people in those times chose to wear their wedding bands on their ring fingers. This tradition has only been revived in the past two hundred years or so. Before then, it was actually a long-standing tradition for Europeans to wear their wedding rings over their thumbs.

3 white blue cremation diamonds

How to Wear Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

Your engagement ring is a promise of marriage, while the wedding ring solidifies the promise of love. It can be a little confusing to know how to wear each one on your wedding day. According to tradition, you should put your engagement ring on the ring finger of your right hand to free up your ring finger on your left hand. During the wedding ceremony, the groom puts the wedding ring on your left hand ring finger.