Some cremation keepsakes last a lifetime – while others don’t

In this life, we have certain things we come into contact with that literally last a lifetime. However, the vast majority of possessions we own have a limited lifespan. The same principle applies to memorials that honor the memory of a loved one.

Why would you choose a keepsake that might wither away and die one day when you can choose a diamond that last a lifetime?

Steadily climbing cremation rates give rise to creative memorials

Cremation has become increasingly popular in the U.S. over the past two decades increasing from 14.9 percent in 1985 to an estimated 50.2 percent in 2016, according to a report from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA). People have been celebrating their memories of loved ones that passed on for centuries by having funeral and cremation memorials or keepsakes made in their honor. However, do these keepsakes last a lifetime?

Cremation keepsakes that are undeniably mortal

Let’s examine some of the most-popular cremation keepsakes and their expected longevity.

Headstones or monuments are temporary tributes to a loved one

Have you ever strolled along through a cemetery that has hundreds of headstones and monuments that were created for loved ones that passed away? These, along with monuments, are a touching way to say goodbye to those departed.

However, often the inscriptions have been worn away by the weather so you are left unsure to whom they were left in memory for. Monuments dull over time getting chipped and broken. As such no longer possess their beauty and magnificence.

Growing a tree from the ashes

Relatives are enticed by the idea of using their loved ones’ ashes to create new life. A tree is seen as peaceful and enduring. However, they can be difficult to grow and depending on its size it may need to be planted outside. At that point what control do you have over it? If it is not your land or land which you may sell what is preventing the land owner from chopping the tree down? Trees are also subject to diseases and invasive insects such as the deadly Emerald ash borer bug that is alone responsible for hundreds of millions of dead and dying ash trees.

Placing your loved one’s ashes in an urn

Many relatives draw a sense of comfort from the idea of having their loved one’s ashes placed in an urn which they can either keep or bury. With this cremation memorial, an important fact is to take on board is that not all urns are created equal.

The rules governing urns are not as strict as coffins. As such, some may leak or the lid might not fit tightly on, which could cause the contents to fall out if knocked over.

Cremated remains in tattoos

As the widespread popularity of tattoos continues to soar, as do the number of people that choose to have cremation ashes in a tattoo to memorialize a loved one. The problem is that the tattoo will only be with the person for the length of their lives. Additionally, the exact risks of doing this are as yet unknown.

Not to mention, as we age our skin changes in terms of elasticity, shape, and size. The lovely tattoo you get tomorrow most likely won’t possess the same appeal 20 years down the road.

Portraits from ashes

Many artists are willing to paint special memorial portraits of your loved ones using the ashes of the deceased. These are beautiful reminders but do need space to hang them (depending what size you choose to have) and can be damaged easily.

Cremation artwork

Besides paint and ink, many fascinating materials – such as glass or objects such as butterflies – have been created from the cremated ashes of a loved one. These can be beautiful keepsakes but are often fragile. Damaging them can tarnish the memory of your loved one.

Teddy bears that hold cremains

Putting ashes in stuffed cuddly toys will seem a bit peculiar to some. However, to others, being able to cuddle up to a loved one’s ashes is reassuring. The issues are if a child or pet should get hold of it they will not understand the significance and may cause it to rip and the ashes to spill out.

Pencils with lead from cremated remains

There are companies that can turn cremains into pencils. While this is a novel way to remember a loved one, relatives are often left unsure as to whether or not to use the pencil. Furthermore, such a small object that seems insignificant to the unknowing bystander could easily wind up lost, broken, or stolen.

Treasure an everlasting token of your love for someone who passed on

If you want a memorial keepsake that will:

  • Maintain its durability and not be easily broken
  • Keep its beauty
  • Endure not only your lifespan but also those of your decendents infinitely

… cremation diamond jewelry is your only option.

3 breathtaking cremation memorials that last forever, just like your love for the departed

Heart In Diamond has many years’ experience in helping people to preserve the memory of their loved ones by using their ashes. We can make pieces that are unique and individual to them from different colors, sizes, carats, and types. Continue reading to see gorgeous examples of stunning cremation diamond keepsakes.

1. Cremation rings keep your loved one holding your hand for a lifetime

While not exclusively, trends show that women value those most important to them and appreciate the beauty of jewelry. When they lose someone close to them the pain can be unbearable. As part of the mourning process and to keep the memory of that person alive they ask us to make a cremation ring for them. Here is an example of a colorless cremation diamond set in a gorgeous Gala four-prong micro pave platinum ring setting:

2. Cremation earrings can be passed down from generation to generation

Another option is a set of cremation earrings which allow your loved ones to always remain with you in one of the most popular sets of jewelry in the world. With numerous designs and colors, we want to help our clients discover the perfect way to remember their lost loved ones. Below is a set of gorgeous blue cremation diamonds set in 14k white gold snowflake stud earrings:

3. Cremation pendants that will last a lifetime

These are particularly striking and will stand out. As such, a beautiful way to keep your loved one close, always. Pendants from Heart In Diamond feature a cremation diamond set in the jewelry. These popular memorials are used on bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and other pieces of jewelry or keepsakes. The following is a lovely antique round-cut center 14K yellow-gold pendant from our collection with a sample metal gem that would be replaced with a cremation diamond in your choice of five available colors.

What to do with cremains

Our consultants understand the emotional weight of making this important decision. To guide you through the process and help you create your never ending bond, please talk to us.
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