Once you’ve found someone truly special, it’s only a matter of a unique wedding ring to celebrate your happiness.

Heart In Diamond is proud to offer our clients a wide variety of engagement rings, wedding bands and diamond wedding rings – each of them is one-of-a-kind jewelry piece, which will forever keep a part of your loved one and make your union even more special.


Just a lock of hair is needed to create your unique wedding diamond. You can use just the hair of your loved one or add your own hair as well to create a unique bond in the shape of a sparkling diamond. This way, parts of both you and your significant other will be combined and turned into an everlasting gemstone, as precious as your love and dedication to each other.

In order to create a wedding diamond out of hair, we usually require our clients to send us ½ cup of hair regardless of the diamond size. Once the hair reaches our laboratory, we extract carbon from the samples and produce the foundation for your future diamond.

In case you would prefer to use cremated ashes instead of hair in order to commemorate someone dear to your heart who has passed away before your wedding, please send us ⅔ cup of ashes regardless of the diamond size.

Once the growing phase of your personal diamond is complete, we cut and polish it in accordance with your preferences. You can choose between round, radiant or princess cut for your wedding or engagement ring. If you are looking to order a custom cut (emerald, heart, pear, etc), please contact us for more details.

When it comes to weddings, good timing is everything: that’s why we work at our full capacity to make sure your diamond wedding ring arrives on time! It will take us up to 70 days to create an orange-yellow, yellow-green or red diamond. With blue and white wedding diamonds, the turnaround time is up to 120 days – it is the fastest production time on the market. We will make sure your diamond is delivered to you well before your wedding ceremony, so you would have enough time for all the exciting bridal preparations, last-minute fittings and other important adjustments for your upcoming wedding party.


Whether you are looking for a classic diamond engagement ring, or an affordable wedding band, or a unique design for your future diamond wedding ring, you’ll find it all in our extended setting collection.

Our settings come in silver, white, yellow or rose gold, platinum and palladium. Heart In Diamond wedding and anniversary bands vary from intricate vintage styles and all-time classics to minimalist wedding bands with diamonds.

Looking for couple wedding bands or laconic wedding rings for men? We got you covered: our collection features hundreds of diamond ring settings, including men’s wedding bands decorated with genuine mini diamonds.

If you would like to create a custom design for your wedding diamond ring, our bespoke jewelry professionals will be happy to bring your perfect wedding ring idea to life.

Synthetic Diamond Wedding Rings

Synthetic diamond wedding bands are almost identical to diamonds that are mined. Their main component is carbon in both kinds of diamonds. They sparkle and shine just as beautifully, and will last for years to come. The best thing about getting synthetic diamond wedding rings made from hair is that your rings will be personalized and unique.


Everyone deserves an ideal diamond ring for their wedding without breaking a bank – that’s why Heart In Diamond steadily lowers the prices while maintaining the highest industry standards.

In addition to affordable prices for our diamond wedding rings, we are happy to offer our clients 0% interest payment plans for 6, 12 and 24 months. The monthly payments start at only $23 a month – this way, you can order the ring of your dreams without worrying about the price.

When you create your personal wedding ring made of hair of your loved one, you do not get just a regular diamond ring – you receive a chance to forever keep a part of your significant other by your side. You receive a unique treasure, which symbolizes the strength of your spiritual bond and possesses a small part of your endless happiness.

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