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A new trend has arisen where couples turn their hair into diamonds to symbolize love for one another. But why use hair? It provides an easy source of carbon to make diamonds. Not to mention, it’s a tangible reminder of your spouse. The process is the same as that of natural diamond in earth’s crust. However, heat and pressure must be present. Read on and learn more about engagement rings made from hair.

The Beauty of an Engagement Ring made from hair

Synthetic diamond engagement rings offer an eco-friendly alternative to engagement rings. They are grown in a highly controlled environment using advanced technological process. Two methods are involved – high-pressure high-temperature synthesis (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). They ensure the diamonds made in a lab produce very little blemishes and are of higher clarity. Also, the composition differs in terms of trace elements.

Unlike natural diamonds which can make millions of years to form into the earth’s crust, a lab grown diamond engagement ring takes just a few months. Once it’s ready, the couples select the cut they want on their synthetic engagement diamond ring. Does this new trend sound strange? Well, it really depends on who you ask. The best thing about an engagement ring made from lab grown diamonds is that they use elements that represent your personality.

How are Engagement Rings Made from Hair?

First, you have to produce a sample of hair (from you and your spouse). It’s assessed to determine how much carbon can be produced. About 0.5 to 2 grams of hair is needed to make a diamond engagement ring. It doesn’t matter whether the hair is oily, straight, natural or dyed. The age and hair color is also of less importance.

Once the sample is ready, carbon is extracted and added to the diamond-growing foundation where the crystalline matrix will grow. After that, it’s subjected to pressures of 60,000 atmospheres and temperatures of up to 3600 temperatures. The end result is a beautiful diamond which resembles the natural diamond. And just like other diamonds, its cut and polished. Your new diamond engagement ring will receive professional grading based on color, carat weight, and clarity.

Having the perfect wedding day means choosing things, including wedding rings that reflect your personality. An engagement ring made from hair is one unique way of sharing your bond with your spouse. It’s also a tangible reminder of your vows wherever you go.

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