Unique personal wedding rings with one-of-a-kind diamonds

At Heart In Diamond we’re proud to offer our clients an extensive choice of beautiful diamond jewelry, from glamorous engagement rings for the perfect proposal and bespoke wedding rings that are as unique as you to meaningful anniversary rings that show how your love has grown and breathtaking eternity rings that prove your everlasting love.


Each diamond we create is a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry unlike anything else on the planet. Whether you want to honor the memory of a lost loved one or celebrate a new beginning as a couple, our personal diamonds will help you keep the ones who matter the most close to you at all times.

How we make our personal wedding rings

We believe diamond rings should be special, meaningful and personal. That’s why we create our unique diamonds using locks of hair. You can choose to make your diamond from a lock of hair from one person or combine locks of hair from two people into a single sparkling diamond, uniting you both together forever. 


To create a beautiful diamond from hair, we require our clients to send us ½ cup of hair, regardless of the size of the diamond chosen. When the hair reaches our lab, we carefully extract the carbon from the samples and use it as the foundation for your future one-of-a-kind diamond.


We can also produce unique diamonds made from ashes for personal wedding rings. This type of diamond is a wonderful way of commemorating a loved one who has passed away, while still being able to have them attend your wedding. Diamonds made from ashes require ⅔ cup of ashes, regardless of the diamond size.


After the growing phase of your personal diamond is complete, we cut and polish it according to your wishes. Standard diamond cuts you can choose from include:


  • Round
  • Radiant
  • Princess cut


We can also create unique diamonds in other cuts, such as emerald, heart and pear. If this is the type of cut you’re interested in, please contact us for more details.

Delivery timeframes

We understand that everything needs to go according to plan for your proposal or wedding. To help make things as smooth as possible, we work at our full capacity to ensure your personalized diamond will arrive on time.


It takes up to 70 days to create diamonds for orange-yellow, yellow-green or red diamond wedding bands. It takes up to 120 days for blue and white wedding diamonds.


These timeframes might seem long, but diamonds that are truly unique to you and your loved ones take time to make. Our diamond production time is the fastest on the market and we’re proud to hold onto that achievement.


As long as you give us enough notice (10 weeks for a diamond for an orange-yellow, yellow-green or red diamond wedding band or 18 weeks for a blue or white diamond) you’ll receive your ring within plenty of time. 

The perfect setting for your personal wedding ring or engagement ring

For a flawless diamond ring, you need to choose the perfect setting that truly enhances the diamond. Whichever diamond cut you prefer, you’ll discover the ideal ring setting in our extended setting collection.  


Our ring settings are available in white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Styles vary from intricate vintage styles with beautiful details and timelessly classic designs to sleek and minimalist forms, guaranteeing something to suit your style and requirements


In addition to a wide variety of diamond jewelry for women, we also offer men’s wedding rings and matching wedding bands for couples. Or if you’re looking for something truly one-of-a-kind and tailored to your ideas, our bespoke jewelry professionals are happy to bring your ideal diamond ring idea to life.

Lab-grown diamonds vs mined diamonds

Personal diamond wedding rings made with lab-grown diamonds are almost identical to bands made with mined diamonds. The main component in both types of diamonds is carbon and they both will last for years to come. Not only that, but both diamonds sparkle and shine so similarly that you can’t tell them apart with the naked eye.


The primary difference between lab-grown and mined diamonds is that lab-grown diamonds are special because they’re made from a part of a loved one. You can be sure there is no other diamond in the world like it and you can always stay close to your loved one, no matter how far away they really are.

Diamond wedding ring prices

At Heart In Diamond, we think that everyone deserves an affordable diamond ring close to their heart. Because of this, we keep our prices as low as possible while maintaining the highest industry standards. 


To help make our diamond jewelry more accessible to everyone, we’re happy to offer our clients 0% interest payment plans. This allows you to spread the cost over 6, 12 or 24 months without paying anything extra. Monthly payments begin at just $23 per month, so you can own the ring you’ve always dreamed of without worrying about the price. 


When you create your personal wedding ring made of the hair of your loved one, you’re not just getting a regular diamond ring. You’re giving yourself the rare chance to keep a part of someone special by your side forever. You’ll receive a unique treasure which symbolizes the strength of your spiritual bond and possesses a small part of their eternal memory.

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