How to Choose Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Family Member

29 August 2019 /

Death is painful. Laborious. Burdensome. Challenging. Nothing about losing a family member is easy, to say the very least. When someone close to you dies, it feels as though your oxygen has been removed from the air. Your breath is knocked right out of your body and yet, the world keeps turning – and you’re expected to move forward with it. Meanwhile, you’re left sorting out the pieces and trying to figure out – how do I breathe? Your oxygen is gone. It’s been taken and everything around you continues on, while you’re left on the ground, gasping for air. It’s not fair. Not at all.

Everyone has their own unique journey they must walk when it comes to the path of grief. Bereavement is going to be different for each person and is dependent on several factors including who died, their age, the cause of death, and so on. Keep reading as we explore the different types of losses and how memorial jewelry can help you commemorate the life of a family member.

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Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Daughter Comforts the Bereaved

The twinkle in your eye. A daughter is a priceless treasure from the creator above. When death knocks at your doorstep and takes away your precious daughter, the pain is real. Unbearable. Unrelenting.

During the initial stages of grief immediately following the death of a daughter, time stands still. It’s at this point that memorial jewelry for loss of daughter may not even cross your mind as the pain is simply too intense to think about anything else. However, when some time has passed, you will likely be searching for ways to honor the memory of your daughter.

Heart in Diamond takes memorial jewelry for loss of daughter to a whole new level. You can either use cremated ashes or hair from your daughter to have a unique diamond made out of extracted carbon from her body. Choose from beautiful diamonds in various cuts, sizes, and colors, and have it set in jewelry that matches her spirit. Here is a gorgeous example of memorial diamond earrings for a deceased daughter in red:

Two-Tone Bezel-Set 14K White-Yellow Gold Stud Earring Set with Red Cremation Diamonds

Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Son Soothes a Broken Heart

When a child dies, the heavens hear the cries of the parents as they mourn the loss of their child. To lose a son is a heartbreaking tragedy that will likely be the biggest obstacle one will ever face in their entire lifetime.

The parents’ hearts are broken. Understandably. The truth is, there will always be that empty room/space/seat that no one else will ever fill. There will be an ongoing sense of loss that will follow a parent with a deceased son.

Grief is hard. Memorial jewelry for loss of son can provide a way to keep a piece of your child with you, eternally. It can help soothe your broken heart to have an authentic diamond that’s been created from the very carbon inside of your son’s body with you at all times. Below is a wonderful example of memorial jewelry for loss of son that features a light blue cremation diamond:

Heart Shape 18K Yellow Gold Pendant with Blue Memorial Diamond

Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Father Celebrates Life

Your rock. Cornerstone. Foundation for life. Your father is the first man you loved and the man who provided refuge and strength throughout your life. When death decides to take away your father, whether he is still young and it happens long before his time, or he lived to a ripe old age, it’s painful. It hurts.

Memorial jewelry for loss of father provides a way to celebrate his life and memorialize everything your father meant to you. When you have his cremated ashes or hair turned into an authentic diamond, a part of his living body carries on forever. Heart in Diamond has many options when it comes to memorial jewelry that symbolizes strength, such as this stunning ring with a greenish-yellow cremation diamond:

4-Prong Should Set Platinum Ring with Greenish-Yellow Diamond

Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Mother Provides Solace

No one in this world could ever take the place of your mother. The connection you share with your mommy is one that begins while you’re still in the womb before you were even born. She knew you then. Even if your mother was not biological, she thought of you and dreamed of you before you even set foot on this world.

To lose your mother can make you feel so alone. Isolated. It can cause despair and a constant search for something to fill that hole, which can never truly be filled again.

While your grief is certainly going to hurt deeply, even in the very depths of your heart, you can get memorial jewelry for loss of mother that can provide solace and comfort. When you have an authentic diamond created from the carbon of your mother’s body, by using either cremated ashes or hair, you are eternalizing her memory in a beautiful piece that can be passed down from generation to generation. Below is an example of memorial jewelry for loss of mother with an orange-yellow cremation diamond:

Antique Halo 18K Yellow Gold Ring with Orange-Yellow Diamond

Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Husband Creates Unity

Losing the other half of your heart is never easy. When your husband dies, you may be frantically searching for something, anything to hold on to. Where the other part of your mind, body, and soul once was – is now an empty space.

Bereavement of a spouse is a trying time of life which leads many people into a deep depression. Grief counseling is often needed to work through the intense emotions that flood in after a husband dies.

One way you can create an undying bond between yourself and your husband that will last a lifetime is by having a cremation diamond made by using a combination of your husband’s ashes or hair along with your hair. When you do this, you are combining the carbon from both your bodies and having it transformed into an original, gorgeous diamond that will last a lifetime. The following is an example of memorial jewelry for loss of husband in a pendant setting that can be created to signify an eternal bond and worn on a necklace so it’s always close to your heart:

Full Moon 14K White Gold Pendant with White Diamond

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