Memorial Jewelry and Necklaces

Memorial jewelry offers a simple way of remembering the loss of our loved ones. They come in all shapes, styles, and sizes to suit your taste. Some prefer precious metals while others opt for something less extravagant. But the most interesting feature is that most of them are designed to hold a small amount of hair, soil, memorial flowers, and more. Needless to say, you have an option of personalizing your piece with photos or text. You can choose from rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

Memorial Jewelry for Ashes

Everyone deals with grief in a different way. However, people who wear memorial jewelry made from ashes often feel a comforting presence after losing a loved one. Whether it’s a bracelet or pendant, you can use the memorial jewelry to hold ashes in nominal amounts.

When you have a tangible part of your loved one, there is a sense of connection. Some people tend to be discreet about diamond memorial jewelry that holds ashes while others like using it as a conversation piece. Memorial jewelry for ashes can be chosen based on artistic design and intrinsic beauty. It’s something that can help to recall a loved one’s presence.

Memory Jewelry for Cremation Ashes

Memorial diamonds made from ashes of loved ones can promote healing in those who are grieving. They may serve as a gentle reminder of good memories and experiences. The process to make memorial jewelry that holds ashes is quite innovative, and more people are choosing to remember their loved ones this way. Your memorial jewelry for cremation ashes will last forever, and serves as a loving tribute.

Memorial jewelry for loss of a daughter

The bond between a parent and daughter lasts forever. During the early days of grieving, most parents will feel excruciating pain that could last for months. And even as time passes, they may feel impossible to maintain a normal life. Many feel death has robbed them the opportunity to carry out the parenting role. And the worst part is that some parents may think of hurting themselves.

It feels unnatural for parents to outlive their daughter. If the daughter was the only child, you may have lost the possibility of seeing your grandchildren- no pain can be compared to that. Memorial jewelry can be used to cherish this relationship after your daughter is gone. It’s also a remarkable way of holding the memory of the loved one close to the hearts.

Memorial jewelry can hold the cremated remains like hair, fabric, soil, flowers, and more. You can engrave your daughter’s initials at the back or personalize the jewelry by giving it a special touch. Cremation pendants come in a variety of styles and shapes. As you focus on the grief of your daughter, they don’t forget the other siblings. Instead, help them find a new meaning in life.

Memorial jewelry for loss of a son

The loss of a son is a profound tragedy. While the physical connection might be lost, that special connection between a father/mother and her son remains forever. Each partner is deeply involved in the death of their child. And when coupled with frustration surrounding the child’s death, it can cause extreme volatility in marriage. Also, no two people will grief the same. Fortunately, there are many ways you can cope with grief.

Memorial jewelry can be helpful in the grieving process. It’s the best way for parents and the family member to carry the memories as they continue with their life journey. Whether it’s a ring, pendant, or bracelet there’s a place where you can place a lock of hair, ash, and other cremation remains. You can also engrave a story, hand-stamped name or a personal saying. If the body of your son has been cremated, you may want to invest in a pendant to hold the ashes and honor his memory.

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Memorial jewelry for loss of a father

Losing a father can be tough for everyone. But, the bond between the father and children runs deep. Although comforting words may help you deal with grief, there are other ways of remembering him.

At times children have a problem of understanding the challenges that come of death of their father. Memorial jewelry can be worn all times to give comfort during those trying times. You can choose ash-holding or non-ash holding pendants and can be engraved with fingerprints or photos.

To keep the memory close to your heart, you can add a lock of hair or pinch of cremation ashes. Other than that, you can engrave the name on the jewelry with what they loved to do when they were alive. That way you’ll not only capture the spirit but also share the happy memories.

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Memorial jewelry for loss of a husband

The loss of a husband can leave a big gap in your life. For many, the loss can feel like the major source of strength has disappeared. While friends and other family members can give you comfort throughout the grieving process, you need to keep the memories close to your heart. Memorial jewelry can help you deal with grief by customizing it to reflect the interests, personality, and hobbies of the deceased.

Women find comfort by wearing memorial jewelry in remembrance of their deceased husband. You can have a necklace, bracelet, charm, or pendant personalized in honor of your loved one. This can include customized touches like hand-stamped names, special sayings, and more. Keep in mind that memorial jewelry can be cleaned just like any other precious metal you own.

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Memorial jewelry for loss of a mother

While losing a mother can be a painful experience, that relationship cannot be broken even by death. Nobody is prepared to lose a parent – it’s one of the deepest loses you’ll face in your lifetime. And during the mourning process, nobody can take away the pain. Thankfully, memorial jewelry can help you endure the heartbreaking loss and commemorate the life of your parent.

Depending on the jewelry you choose, you can create inspirational inscriptions and dedicate to your mother. And for those of us who have ashes locked away in a closet, you can place some in your jewelry and carry with you wherever you go. There are various types of jewelry that can represent the personality of the person you’re commemorating.

You can use a necklace or pendant to hold their personal treasures. The good thing about jewelry is that it’s tangible – you can wear, hold, or touch. By keeping it close to your heart, it works as a comforting reminder of your mother.

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Nothing can prepare our hearts for the death of someone we hold dear. But unless special requests are made, the ashes are buried or scattered. If you want to keep the memories close to your heart, you can get personalized memorial jewelry. You’ll find a wide selection of beautiful charms and pendants that can hold cremated remains. There are different styles to choose – from elegant to modern styles. And depending on your budget, you can go for those with finely crafted details and inspiring designs. When carefully chosen, memorial jewelry can be a tangible reminder of the person you loved.

Memorial jewelry

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