Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of a Son to Cope with Grief

Losing an offspring can be the most devastating feeling in the history of the entire universe. It’s often referred to as the ultimate tragedy. While it might not matter in terms of the difficulty of a loss whether your child was a girl or a boy, there are so many special things about having a boy that will be missed by the bereaved. Losing your baby boy at any age, whether they were just a kid when your son passed away or if he had already turned into a man, is a horrible experience. Grieving a deceased son is so hard. While nothing can take away that sting, memorial jewelry for loss of son can help provide comfort as it serves as a lifetime symbol of dedication.

During the immediate stages following the loss of a child, the last thing a parent might be thinking of would be remembrance jewelry. In fact, according to, “During the early days of grieving, most parents experience excruciating pain, alternating with numbness — a dichotomy that may persist for months or longer.”

Both parents are affected terribly by such a tragic event, but oftentimes the man, or the father, can take this type of loss particularly hard, especially if the son was a junior.

Because of this very reason, Heart in Diamond offers options for memorial jewelry for the loss of a boy that appeals to fathers as well as mothers.

Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare Came to Life

Darla and Steven (husband and wife) were extremely devoted parents to a loving little boy named Isaac. At age 10, he was their only child and he kept them quite busy with his various activities. Since a young age, Isaac had a heart of gold, and his love for others extended beyond his immediate family and into his spirituality and the community. As such, he begged his parents to take part in every opportunity to get involved with his church group and to participate in the various charity projects they provided.

One Wednesday night, he was away from his parents on a community trip with the church to help feed the homeless. In a tragic twist of fate, he was involved in a fatal car wreck while he was riding home in a van with some of the other church members. A semi-truck driver fell asleep at the wheel and struck the vehicle head-on. Isaac was pronounced dead at the scene.

Steven and Darla were absolutely crushed. It was months before anyone, family or neighbors, saw the couple emerge from their home. It has been a difficult path and a lifelong journey the couple has embarked on as they work through this grief that came upon them approximately five years ago. Part of this journey has included the creation of memorial jewelry for loss of son. Steven had a yellow-green diamond set in a masculine ring made from Isaac’s cremated ashes.

Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of Your Child Customized to Your Heart

At Heart in Diamond, clients are encouraged to “Follow Their Heart”. What this means is that you know how unique your son was better than anyone else in this world. Memorial jewelry for loss of child can be completely customized to look exactly how you want it to so that it best reflects your son.

Memorial jewelry

Our consultants understand the emotional weight of making this important decision. To guide you through the process and help you create your never ending bond, please talk to us.
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