Memorial Jewelry for Loss of Mother Eases the Pain of Grief

My whole life came crashing in when my mother passed away. It didn’t matter that I still had another parent, all I wanted was my mummy. My mom. My mama. I know that sounds cliche, but a parent, whether your mother or your father, cannot be replaced. After she died, mother went to heaven to be with the creator and I was left here on earth to grieve her loss. For me, memorial jewelry for the loss of my mother served as a reminder of her love and a symbol of our undying connection that not even death could break.

How did I get to this place in life? To a place in which I wear the remains of my departed mother around my neck as a real diamond mounted in a beautiful pendant brought together by a local jeweler? In order to understand more about why it has been so difficult for me to deal with the fact I have a deceased mother – you should first know how she died.

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I was only 19 years old when my mother, my closest ancestor, was called home by the creator. Everything about the moment when I found out that my mom had died remains crystal clear in my memory, even though so many other things I used to remember about my mama have faded. My current husband was the one that supported me greatly during that time.

I was at college sleeping on a couch (I’m a slacker, I know) just after finishing a test (I was always the first to complete a test which gave me some bonus naptime) when I found out my mom had died. Because I knew that I was going to be taking a test that day, and subsequently, sleeping, I dressed for the occasion with my most comfortable “No Limit” sweatpants and a white T-shirt. Just as I began drifting off to sleep, a police officer approached me with the news. In whatever combination of words he used, what he told me was that “your mother was found dead this morning in her bed.”

Nothing else. Nothing more. He didn’t explain how, but he didn’t have to. I knew down in my heart what had happened. Her struggle with opioid addiction had come to an end. Recently, she was released from rehab and was attending meetings as she tried to kick her addiction to prescription pills she was taking for Lupus pain for good. The demons won the battle. She was gone but my life had to go on.

Memorial Jewelry for the Loss of My Parent Helped Me Cope

My mother was only 49 years old when she died. Because of her age and the untimely nature of her death, it was very difficult for me to move on. I wanted to do something in remembrance of her, so I began searching for ways to use her cremated ashes to commemorate her life.

Then it came to me. I discovered a company online that was making remembrance jewelry from the ashes of loved ones. Brilliant. Wearing a memorial gem in tribute to my mother resonated with my soul and felt like the best thing I could do.

Heart in Diamond walked me through the entire process of having my mom’s ashes turned into a diamond. Because I wanted to use a pendant she owned, I ordered a light blue loose diamond from the company, and took it to one of the local jewelers to have it set in her favorite piece of jewelry. When the diamond was personally delivered to my front door, I was stunned. After it was set, it went straight onto a necklace and on my neck. It has been there, close to my heart, ever since.

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