The Expat Magazine Hair Brained? - Heart In Diamond

On August 2007, the Singapore’s Expat Magazine wrote this article, telling us how beautiful are the memories of our beloved ones and how Heart-In Diamond creates personal stones with carbon extracted from the hair. Read more

Kauno Diena Mas resins? - Heart In Diamond

The Lithuanian newspaper Kauno Diena published this article about Heart-In Diamond, which tells us about the personal-created stones. Read more

Dog News magazine - Pet's Home - Heart In Diamond

On July 2007, the Dog News Magazine published a very cheerful article, explaining us how with Heart-In Diamond we always can keep strong memories about our beloved pets. Read more

Harpers Bazzar - One & Only - Heart In Diamond

On May 2007, the Japan’s Harpers Bazzar published the article “One and Only”, telling us about Heart-In Diamond and the uniqueness of having a personal-made stone. Read more

Saita - Heart In Diamond

This nice Japanese article published on May 1st, 2007 shows us some information about Heart-In Diamond’s ecological, lab-grown stones. Read more

Verslo_zinios - Deimantai su gyvenimo zym - Heart In Diamond

On April 2007, the Lithuanian newspaper Verslo Zinios published the following article about the personalized and unique Heart-In Diamonds, which can be the perfect gift for the special occasions. Read more

Lietuvos Rytas - Ypatingam - Heart In Diamond

Here, you can read another appealing Lithuanian article about the products of the Heart-In Diamond Company. Read more

Begin - Heart In Diamond

On April 2007, a Japanese newspaper published the following article about the Heart-In Diamond products, the created diamonds, which can be used in fancy jewelry. Read more

Mel Bay Music - UK Music Trade News - Heart In Diamond

The UK music trade news published an interesting article about the commemoration of the Mel Bay company’s 60th anniversary, celebrating it with a Heart-In Diamond. Read more

Express Mada Heart-In Diamond Jusu gyvasis rysys - HID

Express Mada, a Lithuanian fashion magazine, mentioned the Heart-In Diamond company and the Personal diamonds created using human hair. Read more
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