Tokyo It Shinbun - Heart In Diamond

The birth of a baby is unforgettable. Because of that, Heart-In Diamond produces extraordinary diamonds made from baby’s hair. Read more

Yahoo! Japan, Bridal - Heart In Diamond

This a Japanese article dedicated to a very important date in the life of everyone: a wedding. Making a personal Heart-In Diamond for this event from the hair of the bride and the groom can make it even more memorable. Read more

Oh Gzimo! “«Heart-In Baby diamond»” A Diamond made from baby hair

A blog about gadgets and design Oh Gzimo! made this interesting article, “Heart-In Baby Diamond”, A Diamond Made From Baby Hair. Read more

Goo News - Heart In Diamond

On September 2006, another attention-grabbing article about Heart-In Diamond was found in Google, Japan. Read more

Warszawska firma przerobi włosy Villas na diamenty - - Heart In Diamond

This is an article about the work of the Heart-In Diamond Company partner in Poland, and the creation of a unique and personalized stone of Violetta Villas – an international star, singer and artist. Read more

Drogocenny diament z twoim DNA - Virtual Poland website - Heart In Diamond

The Virtual Poland website published this article about the Heart-In Diamond partner - the company One Diamonds and the memorial diamond made from the hair of a famous actress and singer Violetta Villas. Read more

Heart-In Diamond, Um laco muito especial com o seu cavalo - Heart In Diamond

The Portuguese magazine Equitacao, showed us the Heart-In Diamond option of turning the hair of a horse into a beautiful, personalized diamond. Read more

DNA2Diamonds- Luxist - Heart In Diamond

This article tells us about DNA2Diamonds, the distributor of Heart-In Diamond in the United States, and the possibility of creating unique and personalized diamonds from the hair or ashes of our beloved ones, considering options like the color, cut and size. Read more

Diamonds in the ruff: Dead pets become jewels - Heart In Diamond

The article explores the priceless Heart-In Diamond option of turning the hair or ashes of your beloved pets into precious diamonds. The memories of your loyal companions will stay with you forever. Read more

Klaipeda Prisiminimui-briliantas is mylimojo plauku - HID

A very important Lithuanian newspaper, Klaipeda, published the following article about the Heart-In Diamond lab-grown stones. Read more
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