Vestuvių Mados Asmeniniai deimantai Jusu Sutuoktuviy ziedams

Once again, the Lithuanian magazine Vestuviu Mados made an article about the beauty of the wedding, and how the Heart-In Diamond products can make eternal the amazing memories of the event. Read more

Vestuvių Mados Izadu deimanti - Heart In Diamond

On March 2008, the Lithuanian magazine Vestuviu Mados published an article about the magic of the wedding and how with Heart-In Diamond you can purchase a beautiful personalized diamond created with your hair. Read more

Zmones A Personal Diamond - Heart In Diamond

The Lithuanian journal Zmones tells us the beautiful story about a woman who got a Heart-In Diamond personal stone made from her and her son’s hair as a gift from her husband. Read more

Vilniaus Diena Bledziu seimos relikvija - Heart In Diamond

On February 2008, the Lithuanian newspaper, Vilniaus Diena, published an article about the production process of the Heart-In Diamond. Read more

Cosmopolitan - Heart In Diamond

On September 2007, the Heart-In Diamond Company was mentioned in the glamorous journal Cosmopolitan in Lithuania. Read more

Violetta Villas Diamond Creation - Heart In Diamond

Warszawska firma przerobi w?osy Villas na diamenty - This is an article about the work of the Heart In Diamond Company partner in Poland Read more

Creation Process Video - Heart In Diamond

Creation Process Video Read more

Memorial Video - Heart In Diamond

Memorial Video Read more

Welcome to Heart In Diamond - Heart In Diamond

Read more

The biggest diamonds - Heart In Diamond

In 1905, a South African mine uncovered a diamond weighing an incredible 3106 carats. (That´s over 1 pound!)  This made it the largest diamond ever discovered. Read more
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