Diamonds and Colors - Heart In Diamond

How Do Diamonds Get Their Colors? You may be surprised to know that diamonds have color due to their chemical impurities. Whereas the purest diamonds, ones made of solely carbon, are entirely transparent, the color of a non-transparent diamond is determined by which elements have laced themselves between the diamond’s carbon atoms. However, while entirely Read more

Man-made Colored Diamonds - Heart In Diamond

Diamonds are almost exclusively made of carbon. When a diamond is contaminated by trace amounts of other elements, it produces some of the most breathtaking colored diamonds found in nature. Read more

Colored diamonds and their meanings - Heart In Diamond

Though clear, colorless diamonds are the most common type of diamond on the market, an increasing number of people are choosing colored diamonds Read more

Diamond color - Heart In Diamond

When most people think of diamonds, an image of a shining transparent gem comes to mind.  This is because colorless diamonds are the most common type Read more