Colored diamonds and their meanings - Heart In Diamond

What are the Most Common Diamond Colors?

Though clear, colorless diamonds are the most popular diamond on the market, many people are choosing colored diamonds because of their dazzling beauty and style. Many people also believe that the most common diamond colors have special meanings.

  • Red diamonds symbolize confidence and power.
  • Pink diamonds signify creativity.
  • Orange diamonds represent energy and enthusiasm.
  • Yellow diamonds mean happiness and friendship.
  • Green and Brown diamonds symbolize a connection with the natural world
  • Purple diamonds represent luxury

Of course, it goes without saying that diamond color should ultimately be chosen based upon the symbolism that color will have for the wearer.

Green princess cut cremation diamond

Famous Colored Diamonds

  1. The Hope Diamond- A whopping 45.52 carats, the gorgeous blue diamond is surrounded by 16 pear and cushion-cut diamonds.
  2. The Black Orlov Diamond- This black diamond is actually a very dark gunmetal color, and it’s a 67.50-carat cushion-cut stone.
  3. The Blue Moon Diamond- A flawless cushion cut diamond, the Blue Moon is a vivid blue color and comes from a 29.6-carat stone.
  4. The De Young Red- The 3rd largest red diamond in the world, the De Young Red is a brilliant 5.03-carat stone with a brownish hue.