Man-made Colored Diamonds

14 January 2019 / Blog

How Are Colored Diamonds Formed?

Diamonds are almost exclusively made of carbon. Some of the most breathtaking colored diamonds found in nature have been contaminated by trace amounts of other elements, which gives them their color. For instance, trace amounts of boron give us blue diamonds, and small amounts of nitrogen produce yellow diamonds.Under the intense heat and pressure found deep under the earth’s surface, the atoms bond in a unique way and produces an ideal crystalline structure.
Diamonds are not only beautiful, they are one of the hardest materials on earth and conduct heat so well that they are used extensively in cutting and polishing tools.

yellow diamond made from ashes

Fancy Color Diamonds

Impurities in the molecular structure of a diamond are what determines its color. While impurities suggest flaws, they actually give diamonds their deep color and exquisite beauty. Fancy color diamonds can have secondary hues as well. A diamond that has a yellow-green color contains a small amount of nitrogen mixed in with the carbon. So, instead of ending up green, the diamond has a secondary shade. The deeper the color of the diamond, the more valuable and rare it is.

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