Testimonial from Maria See Sanchez, Spain

6 February 2019

Debra, I received my ring today. Thank you very much for everything. It is lovely. Best wishes, María Sesé, Spain


Testimonial from Paul, AU

20 November 2018

Thank you for creating my Heart In Diamond from my much loved and missed cat “Harry’s” ashes. Your updates at every stage of the process were extremely helpful. I could not be happier with the final result and I have had the Diamond mounted into my Melbourne Marathon Spartans ring which I qualified for this […]

This is how diamonds are changing the world we live in

3 October 2018

Tales of the alchemical quest for the philosopher’s stone and the determination of the ancients to turn base into precious is, you might say, the stuff of fiction, film and legend. Yet, in laboratory settings across the globe, real-life alchemists are now actively synthesizing one of the worlds most precious substances out of low cost […]


Testimonial from Trace, Australia

12 September 2018

After the sudden passing of my amazing son Mason at 23, I was so lost, it was suggested that I could have a diamond made with his ashes. It took me over 2 years but I eventually rang for an order pack, which I kept hold of for some months before we removed a certain […]


Testimonial from Joy, UK

10 September 2018

Thank you so much for making those two long trips to visit me, discussing the options for my precious diamond keepsake using my late partner ‘Tony Halliday’s ashes and then today delivering the finished product which is absolutely beautiful. You are an inspiration to anyone who has lost a loved one showing professionalism and empathy […]


Testimonial from Samantha, UK

6 September 2018

I just felt I had to provide my feedback for the fantastic service that I have received from Heart in Diamonds from the start to the end. Anita hand delivered my ‘Mum’ in the form of a beautiful, twinkly, yellow diamond. This has been an amazing journey, with regular updates, making it such a personal […]


Quote of the week

4 September 2018

Quote of the week

24 August 2018

four white diamonds fully packed with the certificates

Testimonial from Mirka, Czech Republic

21 August 2018

Dobry den, dnes nam boli dorucene balicky. Dakujeme velmi pekne, kamene su krasne. Prajem Vam krasny den, Jurakova. Good afternoon, today we’ve got the diamonds. Thank you, they are beautiful. Have a great day, Jurakova.

orange orange two princess

Caring for White Gold Jewelry

21 August 2018

White gold features Rhodium-plate, which will wear off over time, revealing the true color of the white gold underneath. The amount of time this process takes depends on how often you wear your jewelry and how hard you wear it. If your Rhodium-plate begins to wear off, you can have your local jeweler do Rhodium-plating […]

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