Diamond necklaces or cremation urns? Here are five reasons why diamond necklaces from ashes are here to stay.

15 November 2019 /

Cremation, rather than being an end unto itself, is just the beginning of honoring your loved one. Once the cremains are delivered to you, you have the opportunity to use those ashes to honor the deceased in a variety of ways.

Perhaps the most common choice is to place the loved one’s ashes in a decorative container called an urn. Once in the urn, the cremains may be buried in a regular burial plot, interred in a columbarium, sit in a place of honor in your home, or serve as temporary storage for the ashes until you decide how else you want to use them to honor your loved one.

However, placing your loved one’s ashes in an urn is not the only way to remember them. Another option that some families are choosing is to have some of the ashes transformed into a diamond (or diamonds) and set into a necklace.

While the transformation of ashes into diamonds, and their use in jewelry such as necklaces, has not overtaken the use of urns, it is a choice that families are likely to keep making.

Diamond necklaces keep your loved one close to your heart in a tangible symbol of the memories you have.

Symbolism is a powerful healer when it comes to dealing with grief. That is why rituals and ceremonies surrounding death are so common: Being able to symbolically say goodbye to a loved one can help to bring peace.

It is this desire for meaningful symbolism that leads some families to select diamond necklaces from ashes. They see the diamond lying close to their heart as a symbol of the memories of their loved one that they hold within themselves. They feel that the necklace is a way to reinforce the bond they had with the loved one.

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Diamond necklaces prevent the pain that comes from leaving your loved one behind in a grave or an urn.

Just as the symbolism of keeping a loved one close can help to ease grief, so can the pain of feeling as if you are leaving your loved one behind deepen grief. Walking away from the graveside; leaving the urn on the mantle, or hidden away in the garage; or even scattering a loved one’s ashes can all leave a family feeling lost.

In order to feel as if they are keeping their loved one close, therefore, some families opt for a diamond necklace made from the loved one’s ashes. Whenever they miss their loved one, they can don the necklace. And, some families choose to bring the necklace with them on their travels and adventures, as a way of bringing their deceased loved one along with them.

Diamond necklaces are a beautiful way to honor a deceased loved one.

Death can often be ugly. The body decomposes, and the ashes from cremation can be powdery and gritty. Even the urn that the ashes are delivered in is often a plain plastic container. Some families find that these less than beautiful elements of death are difficult to handle in the midst of their grief.

Instead, some families choose diamond necklaces made from their loved one’s ashes as a way of creating something beautiful by which to remember the deceased. They find that the sparkle of the diamond and the combination of setting, chain, and other elements of the necklaces serve as a meaningful reflection for them of their friend or family member’s life.

Diamond necklaces capture the personality of the deceased.

Each person is an individual, and capturing that individuality can help families find closure in the midst of their grief. Urns can be decorative in a number of ways, including such personal features as handprints, messages, and photos. However, diamond necklaces are often popular because of their ability to capture the personality of the deceased.

For example, some aspects of the diamond (i.e. the color, size, cut, and setting), as well as the style and details of the necklace, can be chosen by the family. As a result, the family can choose the diamond necklace that will best match the personality and life of the deceased. For example, a family might choose a bright yellow or green diamond to reflect a bubbly personality, or a marquise cut to reflect a strong personality.

Diamond necklaces can serve as family heirlooms that are passed down through the generations.

When a loved one dies, it is natural to want to keep their memory alive for as long as possible. Families talk about them; stories about their lives are passed on to children and grandchildren, and tangible heirlooms (such as jewelry and photos) are preserved.

Some families select a diamond necklace made from their loved one’s ashes because this type of memorial can also be passed down through the generations. Diamonds, as the saying goes “are forever.” As a result, a diamond necklace can serve as a valuable family heirloom that can be passed down for many years.

Some people find diamond necklaces to be preferable to urns. They provide a way to keep your loved one close, prevent the pain of feeling as if you have abandoned your loved one, are more beautiful than urns, capture the personality of the deceased, and can serve as family heirlooms. Thanks to the meaning they can carry for many families, it is likely that these sparkling memorials are here to stay.

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