Tequila Diamonds

Tequila has for centuries been an important traditional drink of Mexico — and in 2008, scientists in the National Autonomous University of Mexico made an incredible discovery. The liquor, when heated into a vapor and then deposited onto sillicon trays, forms into thin sheets of impurity-free diamond. This finding offers exciting possibilities for the future, […]


Testimonial from Sandra, UK

I’ve been extremely impressed with the service, care and attention I’ve received from Heart In Diamond, and the resulting diamond is well beyond my expectations. Made from the hair of my daughters and their children, it’s a true family heirloom. I will enjoy wearing it, and telling the story of my diamond! I hope the […]


Why are Diamonds So Special?

There are thousands of kinds of rocks and stones in this world — but only a few are considered precious or semi-precious. Out of all these, diamonds are undeniably one of the most special and coveted gems, and they enjoy unique status in our culture as symbols of romantic love. So why are diamonds considered […]


5 Interesting Facts About the History of Diamonds

Diamonds are a fascinating aspect of world wide culture, but how did it get that way? Here are some interesting facts about the history of diamonds. 1. Diamonds are thought to have first been discovered in India almost 6,000 years ago. 2. The word diamond comes from the Ancient Greek for “unbreakable” or “undamageable.” 3. […]


Testimonial from Jamie, US

I just received my pendant and it’s absolutely beautiful! I had ordered a blue diamond to honor the memory of my dog Pixie, whom I lost in October 2016. She was the most special soul I had ever known and my one-in-a-million dog. The diamond is spectacular and Claire was so helpful from start to […]


The 5 Biggest Diamonds in the World

Diamonds have always captivated the interest of the world and the bigger the diamond, the more interest it captures. Here is a list of the world’s biggest diamonds. 1. Sergio Clocked in at 3,167 carats, this unique black diamond was originally discovered in Brazil. 2. The Cullinan Diamond At about 3,106 carats, this diamond is […]