The Mohs Scale

19 February 2019

What is the Mohs Scale? The Mohs scale is a measures the relative hardness of natural materials, which are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest possible substance. Diamonds, get a natural 10 on the scale. Talc Gypsum Calcite Fluorite Apatite Feldspar Quartz Topaz Corundum, ruby, sapphire Diamonds Numbers […]

The Allotropes of Carbon

19 February 2019

What are Allotropes of Carbon? Allotropy refers to the ability of an element to exist in different forms, called allotropes. Carbon, (which makes up a significant percentage of the human elemental makeup) has several allotropes. They include: Graphite. The stuff that pencils are made of! Fullerenes. Also known as buckyballs, fullerenes are an entire set […]

Two bluw round cut diamonds and one emerald cut cremation diamond with the heart in diamond logo

Vena Amoris

13 February 2019

What is Vena Amoris? Vena Amoris refers to the belief that one single vein connected the heart to the ring finger. It’s Latin for “Vein of Love.” It originated in ancient Egypt before being subsequently passed down throughout the Greek and Roman Empires. This explained the reason why most people in those times chose to […]


Diamonds and Data?

13 February 2019

What are Some DIamond Facts? Diamonds aren’t indestructible, the us produces no diamonds for commercial use and diamonds rain down on jupiter and saturn. There is an exciting future ahead for both diamonds and technology alike: new research suggests that the gemstones could be capable of storing an incredible amount of information. A small, thin […]

Industrial Diamonds

13 February 2019

What are Industrial Diamonds? Industrial diamonds are real diamonds and used as exfoliator, for medical research, as sound equipment, in conductors of heat, micro bearings and blades. There are millions of diamonds that are held off the market; most of these diamonds are simply used for industrial purposes. You may have heard it repeated that […]


Diamond Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

6 February 2019

What Should You Know When Purchasing a Diamond? Avoid deeply cut diamonds Don’t buy a diamond at the first store you visit Buying a diamond is a fun experience, and with a bit of knowledge and street smarts, you can find the perfect diamond that’s also incredibly affordable. Here are two common mistakes to avoid: […]

Testimonial from Maria See Sanchez, Spain

6 February 2019

Debra, I received my ring today. Thank you very much for everything. It is lovely. Best wishes, María Sesé, Spain

Three cremation diamonds from ashes, round cut and princess cut

Diamond Idioms and Phrases

6 February 2019

What are Some Popular Diamond Phrases and Quotes? The most popular are a diamond in the rough, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and diamonds are forever. Due to their unique properties and stunning beauty, diamonds have captivated the public imagination– and infiltrated our language with many well-used phrases and quotes. Here are a few […]


How to Buy a Diamond on a Budget

6 February 2019

How Can You Buy a Diamond on a Budget? Buying a diamond should be fun, not daunting. However, the latter can often be the case when you are on a budget. Here are a couple tips for purchasing your diamond while on a budget. Be weary of clarity Clarity is the first detail about diamonds […]

One Pear cut and one round brilliant cut yellow diamonds made from ashes

The Stuff of Diamonds

23 January 2019

Back to high-school chemistry class: did you know that diamonds are composed entirely of just one element?

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