Princess cut diamonds in yellow. Two princess cut diamonds and 1 brilliant round cut diamond

How Diamonds Are Cut

15 March 2019

What are the Different Diamond Cuts? The most popular diamond cuts are: round, brilliant, princess, square and emerald. It’s important to know that not all diamonds can be cut into any cut. There are a great number of otner different types of diamond cuts, there a few very specific types are used most often by […]

Heart cut diamond in red with the heart in diamond logo

Where in the World Do Diamonds Come From?

15 March 2019

Where Do Diamonds Come From? Canada and Russia are two countries that are leaders in diamond production, due to the discovery of diamond sources within their borders. Additionally, Australia now produces the most diamonds in terms of mass out of any country. Many people think of the ancient diamond trade of central and southern Asia, […]

The Diamond Cutting Process

The Diamond Cutting Process

15 March 2019

What is the Process of Cutting Diamonds? Diamond cutting gives diamonds its different shapes and numbers of surfaces, and this gives it its glimmer. When a diamond is first found near the surface of the earth, it generally does not look much like what we imagine a diamond looks like. In fact, most diamonds found […]

Large Asscher cut diamond

Diamonds around the World: Kimberley

13 March 2019

What is the Kimberley Mining Site? The South African city Kimberley is home to the world’s largest diamond mining site. Kimberley was nicknamed “the city that sparkles” because of its importance in the diamond industry– and declared a tentative UNESCO world heritage site in 2004 because of its stunning hand-dug open-air diamond mine. Kimberley also […]


13 March 2019

What are Some Diamonds Found Unexpectedly? The most notable diamonds ever found unexpectedly are: the Uncle Sam Diamond and the Eureka Diamond. One day in 1866, a 15 year old shepherd boy named Erasmus Stephanus Jacobs made one of the most important diamond discoveries in the entire history of South Africa, but he didn’t know […]

Close up of orange round cut cremation diamond with the Heart In Diamond logo

Six Amazing Facts About Diamonds

13 March 2019

What are Some Amazing Diamond Facts? Here are some amazing facts about the most magnificent and precious stone on earth: the diamond: The name “diamond” is derived from the greek word “adamas”, meaning indestructible and perennial. Eighty percent of the world’s diamonds are not even suitable for jewelry. Ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were fragments […]

Blue radiant cut diamond made from ashes with the heart in diamond logo and a blue background

The Fascinating History of Diamond Rushes

13 March 2019

What’s the History of Diamond Rushes? At 800BC the first diamond was found in India, in 1313 the first diamonds were cut and polished in Venice, Italy, in 1550 Antwerp becomes the diamond cutting and polishing center of the world, in 1870 diamond fields are discovered in South-Africa, in 1947 De Beers further popularized diamonds […]

The Golconda Diamond Mine (And The Legend Behind It!)

25 February 2019

What is the Golconda Diamond Mine? The Golconda diamond mine is located in India, it features one of the most important diamond mines in all of Asia. The legend of the Golconda mine is that Al Hafed was the owner of a large estate in Golconda, and lived a very happy life– until he heard […]

The Mohs Scale

19 February 2019

What is the Mohs Scale? The Mohs scale is a measures the relative hardness of natural materials, which are ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest possible substance. Diamonds, get a natural 10 on the scale. Talc Gypsum Calcite Fluorite Apatite Feldspar Quartz Topaz Corundum, ruby, sapphire Diamonds Numbers […]

The Allotropes of Carbon

19 February 2019

What are Allotropes of Carbon? Allotropy refers to the ability of an element to exist in different forms, called allotropes. Carbon, (which makes up a significant percentage of the human elemental makeup) has several allotropes. They include: Graphite. The stuff that pencils are made of! Fullerenes. Also known as buckyballs, fullerenes are an entire set […]

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