An All-Diamond Ring

27 December 2018 / Blog

What is an All-Diamond Ring?

In 1964, actor Richard Burton married actress Elizabeth Taylor. Their wedding was a milestone in their passionate Hollywood love affair, and it fittingly involved the biggest, most extravagant wedding ring in history, which weighed in at 33.19 carats (the Taylor-Burton diamond). All at the price of 8.8 million dollars. The famous ring’s status as the world’s largest wedding ring may soon be broken, however, as soon as someone is willing to dish out $70 million! That’s because a Swiss jewelry company–after over a year of specialized work–recently created a ring that is made entirely of diamond.

diamonds used for cremation rings

The World’s First All-Diamond Ring

Swasish is a Swiss jewelry company that created a stunning all-diamond ring from one huge diamond rock. The rough diamond was 150 carats, and Swasish used special laser equipment that was strong enough to cut through and create this gorgeous masterpiece. Talk about bling!

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