Widows find healing through solid remembrance objects

Why widows find healing through solid remembrance objects


These days, the idea of wearing cremation jewelry is fast becoming a viable way to deal with grief for widows. Instead of relying on expensive funerals to pay tribute to their deceased husbands, they have come up with creative ways to use the ashes in a meaningful way. Dealing with the grief of a beloved husband can be made easier through the creation and wearing of cremation jewellery, also known as jewellery made from ashes


The pain from a spouse’s death can be unbearable for widows. Whether they were married for decades or months, the grieving process generally involves five stages. Everyone goes through this process differently, and women go through different lengths of time through each step. 


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Solid remembrance objects may provide comfort


Many factors can contribute to the degree of grief that widows will go through. These usually range from emotional distress, fear of the unknown, affection and love for their spouse, responsibilities to keep up with, family issues, and many other reasons.


Turning the ashes of a loved one into a piece of jewellery provides psychological comfort for the bereaved in the following ways:


  • Losing her husband may trigger feelings of helplessness, and wearing a jewel such a cremation diamond gives a grieving widow a sense of control.


  • A tribute in the form of cremation jewellery is a tangible way to keep a widow’s husband close to her for years to come.



  • The loss of the physical absence of her husband may be too much too bear. Jewellery can help a widow feel close to him when she is feeling lonely.


  • Many widows find that choosing the details of their cremation jewellery serves as a distraction for them during this painful time, which can be a positive thing.

Types of diamond remembrance jewelry 

Cremation jewelry serves as more than just decoration. Luckily, there are many types of jewelry made from ashes to choose from. Necklaces are generally the most common memorial jewelry. Pendants with diamonds are especially popular. Necklaces come in all kinds of pendant shapes including crosses, nature, animals, and more. 


Some widows choose to incorporate their wedding or engagement ring into the design of their commemorative jewelry. They can get them fused together with a cremation ring in order to create one collaborative special ring. Another option is to take the diamonds from a wedding ring along with a cremation diamond and turn them into a stunning necklace.


When choosing a cremation jewelry specialist, you want to deal with a company who has been in the business for many years, such as Heart In Diamond. The process requires different skills and full understanding of gems. Many times, a customer cannot distinguish between fake and real diamonds. An IGS-certified diamond specialist will take you through HPHT technology. 

Talking helps the healing process

The death of a loved one can be devastating to deal with, and some people benefit from having some sort of psychological comfort. Feelings of helplessness are normal among survivors, and they may feel as if things are hopeless and out of their control. Wearing jewelry from ashes is one way they can pay tribute and gain back some control in their life. It can serve as a great conversation piece when someone asks about the jewelry, and the survivor can find comfort in sharing the significance of the piece.


Many of a widow’s friends may be afraid of bringing up the discussion about the loss of their beloved, thinking that discussing it will upset them. But that is actually the opposite—talking about the loss of a husband  will help the healing process. You should be free to talk about it with them because when they see you talk about it, they will be happy and summon the courage to discuss the matter with you and with so doing, you will recover quickly. A cremation gem or urn necklace will enable you to talk about your spouse and share your memories with others.


The death of a spouse does not mean forgetting them. Instead, widows can create cremation jewelry to remember them forever. Their piece of commemorative jewelry will honor their loved one forever, and help them through the grieving process.