Testimonial from Diane, USA

23 December 2014 / Blog, Testimonials


Thanks so much for the card! I’ve been thinking about you and Heart In Diamond. I haven’t forgotten that I promised you a testimonial. My sisters and I all wore our diamonds to my niece’s baby shower this summer and we took pictures. I’ve been waiting for them to post the pictures for months so I could forward to you. Anyway, the pictures are not the most important thing. 

Thanks for all your help while I was going through such a difficult time! The service you are able to provide is very meaningful. You must love the joy you are able to bring when a deep sorrow is transformed into a bright light. Best of wishes to you and all the staff at Heart In Diamond this holiday season. 

I love my diamond so much! My jeweler set it in white gold with 24 small white diamonds around Jeremy’s blue one (he was 24). It means so much to me, I wear it every day. I get comments on it all the time, each and every time I choose to believe my son is reaching out to me. My sister had her jeweler entwine hers with her favorite necklace so she could wear both everyday.  

– Diane, USA


Heart In Diamond - Client’s testimonial

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