A story of our partner’s client

12 July 2013 / Blog

This is a very touching story of our partner’s (The Infinity Diamond) client

“The fiancee of a fallen soldier is about to receive the most precious gift of her life. On March 13, 2013 Christian Pike died from injuries sustained in combat while serving our country in Afghanistan. Though he is no longer with us, his fiancee will carry the both of them together – in this diamond! Using a lock of hair from Morgan and Christian’s ashes, Infinity Diamond has combined the carbon taken from each of them and created this stunning 2.05 carat diamond – forever connecting them in a way unlike any other. The diamond not only represents the love of a soldier, but also that the United States is home of free, because of the brave. Thank you Christian M. Pike for your service.”

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A story of our partner's client

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