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23 July 2018


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16 July 2018


What Exactly Does Your Gold Jewelry’s Karat Count Mean?

12 July 2018

Gold comes in a number of karat counts – but what exactly does the term “karat” mean? Karat is the unit used to measure how much gold is in a piece of jewelry relative to the other metals that are present. A higher karat means more gold in your jewelry. Pure gold is referred to […]


Mixing Metal Colors in Jewelry

4 July 2018

Have you ever heard that you should not mix your metal colors when it comes to jewelry? This piece of fashion advice is mostly a thing of the past – sort of like not wearing white after Labor Day. It has been instilled in our heads that wearing two different colors of metal at a […]


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28 June 2018


Do You Wear Your Jewelry While Sleeping?

25 June 2018

Do you wear your jewelry all the time? Many people do! But the truth is you can potentially damage your jewelry by wearing it constantly – especially when sleeping. If you wear your jewelry when you sleep, you may be at risk for damaging it. In fact, wearing jewelry while you are sleeping is the […]


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25 June 2018


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14 June 2018


A Diamond in the Rough

13 June 2018

Coaches use this phrase to describe talented yet inexperienced athletes. Teachers use it to describe intelligent students who are not fulfilling their potential. Perhaps someone has even used this phrase to describe you. (At the very least, we hope you’ve heard the pop song by Izzy Bizu!) But what are the origins of this idiom? […]


You Can Clean Some of Your Gold Jewelry with Beer!

5 June 2018

Did you know you can clean your jewelry while cracking open a cold one? If your jewelry is gold or gold-plated and does not have any gemstones, you can clean it with beer! Opt for a light gold brew over a dark one as darker brews can leave stains. Beer is a great cleaning agent […]

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