Memorial jewelry made from the ashes of a lost family member

29 August 2019 /

Death is hard. Grieving is difficult. Paying tribute to the deceased is a worldwide cultural practice that helps individuals cope following the tragic loss of someone they love.

Memorial jewelry is one of many ways people choose to celebrate the memory of a loved one after death. Memorial jewelry made from the cremated remains of the dearly departed, or that symbolizes the deceased, provides a special way to treasure that individual and carry their spirit with you at all times.

Even if we lose the physical presence of a cherished father, daughter, son, husband or mother our emotional connection carries on eternally. Memorial jewelry, such as a memorial ring, a cremation necklace or memorial earrings, provide a way to express our devotion to our beloved outwardly, memorializing them forever. Let’s review how memorial jewelry commemorates the deceased and the different types of remembrance jewelry available today.

Does Remembrance Jewelry Pays Tribute to Your Loved One?

Cremation is becoming an increasingly popular choice following death, as well as elaborate memorials. One reason cremation is on the rise, is because it provides a number of ways people can honor the memory of a loved one after their physical presence is gone. Following the cremation, or incineration of the body, the family members receive a few pounds of ashes, also known as cremains.

It’s up to the family what they choose to do with these cremains. Traditionally, people often choose to store these ashes in an urn, or scatter or bury the ashes in a memorable place. However, modern technology and creative innovations are changing people’s minds and providing more options in terms of what to do with them.

Memorial jewelry is unique in that it offers a way to celebrate the memory of a loved one in a trinket that you can carry with you. Memorial jewelry provides a physical way to keep your actual loved one close to your side or at your hand, providing you with a constant reminder of them. Funeral jewelry also helps people work through the grieving process by providing a unique conversation piece, making it easy to bring up the loved one or talk about the loss and grief experienced by the wearer.

Types of memorial jewelry

Individuals can choose anything from a simple piece that holds a small amount of ashes, to a gorgeous diamond ring made out of the cremated remains of a loved one.

Let’s review some of the most popular types of funeral jewelry. Keep in mind that each of the different types mentioned can be made into memorial necklaces, memorial rings, memorial bracelets, or memorial earrings. You could also opt to display the piece in a protective display case.

  1. Ash Holders. A popular type of memorial jewelry, due to their relatively inexpensive price, are ash holders. Just as the name implies, these types of remembrance jewelry include special holders designed to hold the ashes of a loved one in a capsule. A wide variety of ash holders are available, including some that have a crafted pewter design atop a glass bottle which holds about a teaspoon of ashes. Others include small metal pendants that feature a decorative storage place for the cremains. The materials used to make these types of pieces can vary greatly: from the pewter style mentioned above to sterling silver or gold, gemstones or other fine materials. Whether a large or small pendant is chosen, this type of jewelry is available in hundreds of models, molds and designs – everything from a four-leaf clover to a butterfly – making this a highly customizable option.

  2. Glass Pieces. Glass is another material used to create funeral jewelry. The ashes of a loved one can be turned into dust and swirled throughout the glass. Color can be added to the powder or the ashes can stay in their original form. Most of these pieces are made by taking a small amount of the cremains and encasing them within several different layers of hot glass. When the ashes mix with the heated Pyrex glass, they become permanently suspended within the piece. Calcium phosphate within the ashes create a variety of bubbles and flecks within the glass and no two pieces will ever be identical because of this unique process.

  3. Engravings. Other types of remembrance jewelry are soldered together on a charcoal block and burning can be used to engrave a name, dates or a message into the jewelry. These types of jewelry may not even contain the ashes of a loved one, rather just an engraved message that symbolizes the individual.

Is this trend here to stay?

Losing a beloved family member is hard. You will never forget the person who has passed on. This is why cultures worldwide, since the beginning of time, have created their own traditions and have developed memorial jewelry to eternalize the memory of your mother, father, daughter, husband or son.

Memorial jewelry is more than a modern trend. People have been preserving a piece of their loved ones for centuries through hair lockets, drops of blood or ashes made into jewelry. Modern technology, however, allows us to take this tradition to a new level with the creation of real diamonds that will never fade away. Not all tributes stand the test of time. Unlike others, diamonds are forever.

Diamond memorial jewelry serves as a timeless keepsake that can be passed down within a family long after someone special dies. Whether you choose a standalone diamond, a necklace, a ring, earrings, a bracelet or a pendant, the diamond jewelry you choose will become a cherished family heirloom.

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