This is how diamonds made from dog ashes look like

These 7 beautiful diamonds were made with dogs' ashes


A dog is man's best friend. And, when best friends die, we grieve, sometimes very intensely and for a very long time. We also create memorials to our lost pet. Whether they be as grand as the bronze statue erected in honor of Hachiko, the dog who sat waiting at the train station for 10 years after his master died, or as simple as a photo album or an urn full of ashes, these memorials help us to feel as if we haven't abandoned our loved one after their death.  


A recent trend that has arisen around the loss of pets (and humans) is the creation of what are called memorial diamonds. These gems are created from the ashes of the deceased. The process involves removing the carbon from the ashes, growing it to the desired size and color in a high pressure, high temperature environment, and then cutting and setting it. 


The diamonds produced in this manner are real diamonds, graded according to the 4C's of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight that are also used to describe natural diamonds. And, for many dog owners, they symbolize the presence and memory of the pet they have lost. 


Because memorial diamonds can be customized by color, size, cut, and setting, they allow dog owners to select the memorial they feel will best fit their pet.

Customization is a large part of memorial diamonds. The process used to create them allows for a great deal of control over the final product. For example, steps can be taken during the growing process to yield different colors in the diamond, while the amount of ashes used and the growing time allowed for can influence the size of the diamond. 


As a result, dog owners can select the memorial they feel will best fit their pet. Whether they want a small yellow diamond to memorialize their sweet golden retriever, or a large square white diamond by which to remember their Rottweiler, they have control over the look of their gem. 


The following 7 examples are ways in which specific types of memorial diamonds have been used to honor the lives of deceased dogs. 

The creativity and commitment of dog owners has led to the creation of a wide array of memorial diamonds. However, what follows are 7 examples of the ways in which specific types of memorial diamonds can be used to honor deceased dogs. 


A 1-carat, heart-shaped yellow diamond was used to memorialize a loyal yellow lab

One person chose a heart shape to represent the loyalty of a yellow lab who had waited every day by the door for them to get home from work, and they chose a larger size and a yellow color to help them remember the beautiful outward appearance of their dog as well.


Yellow pet diamond


A half-carat, princess-cut blue diamond honored a lively poodle.

The smaller size and princess cut captured the delicate look of this person's poodle, while a sparkling blue color reminded them of the sparkling live wire that was their beloved dog's personality.


blue diamond dog ring

A .25-carat, princess cut green diamond was used to remember a personality-packed chihuahua.

The tiny size of the gem, plus the delicate princess cut, allowed for remembering the tiny size of this dog. The green color reminded the owner of their dog's abundant personality. 


green diamond dog

A .25 carat princess-cut white diamond was chosen to represent the singular beauty of a perfectly bred Shih Tzu.

Shih tzus are naturally gorgeous. However, this animal was particularly beautiful, so their owner decided to honor them with a particularly beautiful, princess-cut, white diamond, whose small size also represented the miniature stature of their striking dog. 


princess cut white diamond


A 1-carat, green diamond necklace was selected to memorialize a playful beagle. 

This beagle, while sharing the sturdiness of his breed, stood out because of his playful nature. In order to capture that unique combination of look and personality, the owner chose a green diamond necklace.


green diamond necklace dog

A 1.5-carat, marquise-cut orange diamond was used by one owner to commemorate their bulldog's large but gentle spirit.

This dog was loved by the family because of her affection for the children in the house, and for her gentle, patient demeanor around them. The choice of an extra-large diamond combined with a warm color was a way to represent both her large size and the gentleness she brought to the home. 


diamond of memorial

A .75-carat round white diamond was used to memorialize a beloved papillon in a ring. 

With her butterfly ears and curly coat, this papillon won over her family with her beauty and her energy. The classic white round diamond was a fitting tribute to her beauty and place in their home. 


diamond ring dog ashes

As more and more dog owners look for ways to remember their pets after death, memorial diamonds are becoming one way to capture the dog's distinctive personality and beauty. And that should be the end result of any memorial to a beloved animal.