Urn Jewelry for Ashes: Necklaces, Bracelets, and Pendants

Did you know that you can carry around some of the ashes of a deceased loved one with you wherever you go? Not only is this practical it can also be stylish. No, that doesn’t mean that you carry around the entire urn which holds the ashes of a loved one with you wherever you go. Rather, you can buy urn jewelry for ashes.

What is urn jewelry for ashes? These pieces of jewelry are those which have an inner compartment or storage area that can hold a small amount of ashes from a loved one. In order to gain access to the holding compartment of the jewelry or the “mini-urn”, the space is accessed through a small screw that is either at the top of the jewelry or at the back of the jewelry. In addition to being called urn jewelry, these types of pieces are also called cremation jewelry, memorial jewelry, or remembrance jewelry.

If you are looking for urn jewelry for ashes, you can find several different options on the market, including urn necklaces, urn bracelets, and urn pendants. Keep reading to learn more about these different types of urn jewelry for ashes.

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Urn jewelry necklace holds a loved one close to your heart

The death of a loved one has the power to make you feel empty inside. It’s often said by the bereaved that they feel like a part of them is missing. They feel a void. An emptiness. Although death leaves a hole in the heart that can never be replaced, by wearing an urn jewelry necklace, you can feel a sense of comfort knowing that the physical remains of your loved one are held close to your heart – at all times if you want. Some of these urn necklaces have the compartments built into the necklace itself and others include a chain with one or more jewelry urn pendants dangling from it.

Memorial jewelry for loss of your father?

You can find a wide variety of different urn necklaces or urn pendants for sale online. Traditionally, most urn pendants are in the shape of a tube with a screw on top. Oftentimes these urn pendants have decorative embellishments and finishing touches that wrap around the compartment and some can even be customized to feature the name and dates of the person the urn jewelry is in tribute to. To date, these tubular-styled urn necklaces are still the most common type of urn jewelry pendants that you’ll find. Other popular shapes you often see for urn necklaces or pendants include hearts, crosses, angels, birds, and butterflies.

Urn necklace for baby ashes comforts the bereaved in their darkest hours

The death of a loved one is always hard. When parents experience a stillborn birth or the death of a baby, the event and subsequent grieving can be an exceptionally difficult period in life. So many questions are left answered. “How would they look as they grew older?” “What kind of personality would my baby have had?” “Would they have looked more like their mother or father?” “Why did this happen to my baby?” Bottomline, it’s not fair and the pain of losing a baby is heavy and more than many can even bear. One way to keep a precious baby close to your heart forever is by wearing an urn necklace for baby ashes. This type of memorial jewelry features a compartment that holds a small amount of the baby’s ashes.

An urn necklace will either feature this small space or compartment on the necklace itself as a single unit, or there is an urn pendant which dangles from a necklace chain. You can find several different styles and designs when it comes to urn necklaces that are specifically made to honor the memory of a baby. Many of these feature the tiny little footprints of a baby often in the shape of a heart. You can also order an urn necklace for baby that has the name of the baby engraved on it as well as their dates if you so choose.

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Unique urn jewelry can be customized to match the personality of a loved one

One of the most beautiful things about remembrance jewelry is that no matter what you choose to go with – whether it’s a set of cremation diamond earrings, an urn jewelry bracelet ,or other type of unique urn jewelry – you can have it customized to make it a very personal memorial for a loved one.

Heart in Diamond is a company that takes memorial jewelry to another level by having the cremated ashes of a loved one turned into diamonds that can be set in jewelry. Visit the site to see for yourself the many different options you have when it comes to cremation jewelry from ashes, such as the ones below.

Pave Platinum Ring Setting with Ruby Red Cremation Diamond

Channel Set Circle 14K Yellow Gold Pendant Setting with Blue Cremation Diamond

Round Cluster 14K White Gold Earring Setting with Greenish Yellow Memorial Diamond

Cremation jewelry

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