Diamonds with stories

10 January 2019 / Blog

What is a Diamond’s Story?

Each and every diamond has an incredible story. Natural diamonds, for example, begin over 150 kilometers below the Earth’s surface exposed to a huge amount of pressure and heat. They are then brought to the Earth’s surface during volcanic eruptions. Carbonado diamonds were left by an asteroid collision billions of years ago and found in Africa and South America. Lastly, synthetic diamonds are nothing less than a wonder of modern science. Scientists are now able to create synthetic diamonds that are visually and molecularly identical to their natural counterparts. This has opened the door to a whole new world of real, customizable diamonds.

three diamonds made from human ashes

Are Simulated Diamonds Real Diamonds?

Simulated diamonds looks like a real diamond and has some of the same characteristics of diamonds. However, they are not real diamonds that occur naturally. This doesn’t mean that simulated diamonds lack beauty; they are gorgeous and more affordable than natural diamonds. Some examples of popular diamond simulants are rhinestone, white sapphire, and cubic zirconia. Spinel and synthetic garnet are also used as diamond imitations.

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