The Most Romantic Funeral: Diamond Burial with Precious Memory of Life

6 May 2015 / News

Heart In Diamond China placed an article “The Most Romantic Funeral: Diamond Burial with Precious Memory of Life“. Please have a look at it: 

Being different with traditional funerals, Heart In Diamond is another expression of mourning. Created using the signature carbon taken from ashes of loved ones, Heart In Diamond can be your living bond.

The Most Romantic Expression.

Heart In Diamond (Link) is full of love, eternity and yearning, so it is getting prevalent in the UK, the US and Hong Kong. As a UK-based commemorative cremation diamond company, it adopts patent-qualified HPHT technology (No. 2372286) to grow your unique diamond. To engrave love with eternal memory is what people do at Heart In Diamond.

To Feel Human Warmth.

What to with cremains?

At Heart In Diamond, it is more an experience to feel human warmth than a job in funeral industry. Once a senior citizen came to Heart In Diamond, requiring using hair taken from him and his wife to create a red diamond as a golden wedding gift to her. People at Heart In Diamond are always touched by such beautiful stories.

Technical Work for the Best 

With the latest HPHT technology of the third generation, carbon extracted from only 100g ashes or 2g hair can be created to real, certified cremation diamonds. By replicating conditions of diverse temperatures and pressure, Heart In Diamond produces many colors of cremation diamonds to meet customers’ various needs, such as white, orange yellow, red and green.

A Humane and Warm Team

From the moment an order is placed, a unique ID digit number is assigned to the customer to follow creation process. With no sales teams or performance goals, people at Heart In Diamond address problems with patience and sincerity, and work to be the “heart” of your diamonds. 

Memories like diamonds are forever!

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