Create Memorial Diamonds with Ashes From Loved Pets as Forever Treasure

12 May 2015 / News

Please take a look at a new article placed by Heart-in-Diamond China:


Wall Street Journal: An American lady used ashes of her loved cat that has accompanied her for 20 years to create a cremation diamond ring for lifelong company.

Thanks to the professional service from Heart In Diamond, Natalie Pilon can get her loved cat Meowy back metaphorically. Now, Meowy has become the cremation diamonds in the ring on her finger, and “this is the only chance to keep Meowy by my side”, said Pilon. Such departed pets made it feasible to create Memorial diamonds with ashes.

An employee from Customer Services of Heart In Diamond U.S., said that they receive a lot of carbon samples of hair or ashes from customers to commemorate their lovers, parents or loved pets. 

Heart In Diamond cremation diamonds possess the identical chemical, optical and physical properties of earth-mined natural diamonds. Claire also said that different colors can be made through HPHT technology. As white and red diamonds require more complex creation conditions, their prices are also much higher.

More about cat’s ashes to diamonds

Sometimes, customers wonder that how can they confirm ashes of their loved pets really be in the diamond. Tom Bischoff, manager of DNA2diamonds (another brand of Heart In Diamond, explained: “There is no way to technically prove carbon has been applied in diamonds”. However, once an order is placed, a unique ID as the tracking number will be assigned to individual customer. Using this number people can follow each step of the diamond’s creation process. Everything is logged and handled with the most strict industry procedures.

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