Love diamond

16 March 2018 / News

We had a great experience to create a very special diamond.

“IT’S A RED DIAMOND!!! 💖 #GilbertGordon. 🌈 After 9 months of love, a red diamond has been grown from the ash of over 250 people’s burned love letters. Composed by lovers from across the globe and as far away as Japan, Australia, America and Germany. It includes hundreds of stories and experiences of love, all equally beautiful but particular to their contributor. I (Olivia) have LOVED working on this project so much. I’m so happy the diamond ring, made by Ami Pepper, is now complete and will soon be displayed at Oswestry Town Museum, but I’m really sad that this project has come to an end. It felt suitable to mark the end of the project today by visiting Meole Brace School in Shrewsbury to talk about Gilbert & Gordon’s love letters and the project. Thank you to everyone who committed their love to this project and to the very fabric of the diamond. And a great big thank you to everyone who dressed up, danced, drank tea and gin; ate cake and celebrated love in all it’s wonderful forms at the inaugural”

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