Beatrice Hsu (Xu Weilun) “Girl that Never Gone” — Ashes to Diamond for Memorizing Precious Memories

18 May 2015 / News

Please take a look at a new article placed by Heart-in-Diamond China:


15 years ago, people adored this beautiful sweet girl with a long hair as “Sun Goddess”; 8 years ago this actress died in a car accident, leaving many remarkable TV dramas. For her families, this was the most painful, heart wrenching, frustrating experience. To commemorate their loved one, they used her ashes to create 4 golden “cremation diamond” rings as if she hadn’t gone. 

Shining diamonds are one of the world’s unbreakable things, implicating “immortal love” and eternal memories, and also the best way to commemorate people that passed away.

It is UK-based Heart In Diamond that provides services of creating cremation diamonds from human ashes or hair ( Heart In Diamond boasts advanced, mature technology and enjoys a great reputation worldwide. Its Hong Kong Office was established in 2013, facing the market of Greater China, so that Chinese people can customize their unique diamonds conveniently. 

“A diamond is forever”. Heart In Diamond creates the world’s unique, one-of-a-kind shining diamond by applying modern technologies. Being extraordinary and elegant, every Heart in Diamond carries so many sweet memories and experiences: love, kinship, friendship and warmth. Just like Hsu’s parents, they get a living bond with their loved daughter.

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