Ashes to Diamonds, Creating Your Living Bond

20 May 2015 / News

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(British) Daily Mail: Steven Logan, a British worker who has fought against cancer for half a year, passed away just several hours before his wedding with his 15-year lover Kate Rogers. 

Heart In Diamond creates ashes (burnt human skeleton) to diamonds (the most unbreakable thing in the world), leaving a beautiful connection. As it says in The Peony Pavilion, people who cannot always keep loved ones in mind are not totally devoted. 

Although Logan has long gone, Rogers decided to inset her wedding ring with his ashes, keeping him forever by her side. This memorial diamond created not only witnessed Rogers’ intense love, but helped her realize the dream of getting old with loved one to some extent. 

As with love, a Heart In Diamond also requires long-time nurture and tribulation to be a stunning presence. Heart In Diamond ( is a UK-based memorial diamonds producer, providing services of creating cremation diamonds from human ashes or hair.

Losing a loved one is the most painful, frustrating experience. Only when you are in this position and realize that having them in person is no longer an option, you could turn to Heart In Diamond, which can freeze the time and create your living bond with loved ones.

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