Precious Memories Are like Eternal Diamonds Commemorative Cremation Diamonds

7 May 2015 / News

Please have a look at a new article placed by Heart-in-Diamond China:


Memories are precious because they go through pain and hardship, and penetrate into people’s mind. However, abstract memory will fade away with time, leaving nothing. By contrast, an object with lover’s odor can be more available to express love, such as a lock of hair. Given that hair is hard to conserve and easily burned or broken, people in American made hair or ashes into beautiful, eternal diamonds, a more suitable way to treasure precious memories.

Christian Pike was an American soldier who died on the battlefield in Afghanistan. To create a living bond with him, his fiancée Morgan Lakner decided to use the combined carbon from his ashes and her own lock of hair to create a diamond as a forever treasure.

How can hair and diamond be related and even become the same thing? The reporter visited Hong Kong Office of Heart In Diamond to find answers. At Heart In Diamond, commemorative cremation diamonds are created in 70-120 days through sample analysis, carbon extraction, carbon restructuring, diamond growing, cutting and polishing, and inspection and certification. Every cremation diamond created at Heart In Diamond is unique with your exclusive memories with loved one. 

Currently, the UK-based Heart In Diamond is one of the very few producers of commemorative cremation diamonds worldwide. Its Hong Kong Office is also responsible for business marketing of Greater China.

People will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Memories like diamonds are forever.

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