Ashes to Diamonds — Commemorating Past Precious Memories

6 May 2015 / News

Heart-in-Diamond China placed a new article. Please take a look at it: 

At present, diamond from ashes is still a fresh idea for most Chinese people, but there is always an exception. Beatrice Hsu, a Taiwanese actress, ended her 28 years’life in a car accident. To commemorate their loved one, her families used her ashes to create 4 golden “cremation diamond” rings.

This stunning idea was proposed based on people’s endless love and emotional link to their loved ones. It is in 2005 when UK-based Heart In Diamond ( began to provide services of creating cremation  diamonds with ashes. With the acceleration of economic growth, people in China  have started to accept this idea. Consequently, Heart In Diamond stepped into Hong Kong in 2013, Chinese Mainland in 2014 and Taiwan in 2015, marking its great potential in Chinese market.

Owing to increasingly mature technologies, genuine, certified cremation diamonds can be created at Heart In Diamond from human ashes. Since 2005, cremation diamond creation technology has upgraded for three times. Excluding defects like long creation time and limited color choice in previous technologies, Heart In Diamond’s latest patent-protected HPHT technology (No. 2372286, from 01, 18, 2008 to 01, 18, 2028) can create 100% real diamonds of 5 different colors with only 100g ashes within 3 or 4 months. Recently, operations of Heart In Diamond have reached out to Greater China, and planned to attend funeral exhibitions in Macao in May and another funeral EXPO in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in June, 2015.

Heart In Diamond will be committed to conserving people’s precious memories and creating your living bond with loved ones.

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