Push Presents

25 February 2019 /

What are Push Presents?

A push present is a gift given to a new mother to celebrate her new bundle of joy, and it’s typically presented by the father of the new baby. Its rise in popularity has been attributed to a growing interest in cultural traditions, as well as a number of high-profile celebrities who have publicly participated in the practice.

A push present is a gift given to a new mother (typically, but not always, by the father of her child) in commemoration of this special moment. Because push presents should ideally last perennially, like the love of a mother, precious stones are a popular choice. Diamonds may be the most frequently given push present due to the fact that they symbolize love that is “forever.” They are especially appropriate for babies or mothers born in April, as the diamond is the birthstone of that month.

We call these diamonds celebration stones.

newborn baby feet with flower between toes and soft white blanket

Diamonds From New Baby

The umbilical cord from a newborn baby can now be made into diamonds, thanks to new technology. Just like with hair, the umbilical cord has carbon, which can be turned into a sparkling diamond to commemorate your new bundle of joy. You can even turn a keepsake umbilical cord into a diamond to enjoy forever.

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