5 Romantic Occasions to Give a Diamond

19 February 2019 / Blog

What are Some Occasions to Give Diamonds?

A diamond is perfect to give for an engagement, wedding or anniversary.

  1. Engagements are probably the most obvious place to start: giving a diamond engagement ring is a beloved tradition.
  2. Weddings rank a close second: commemorate “til death do we part” with a gift that lasts forever.
  3. Wedding Anniversaries are beautiful little opportunities to celebrate your ongoing love– and a diamond gift can be a beautiful way of showing that your love has only grown with the years.
  4. Other Anniversaries such as the anniversary of the day you met, the anniversary of your engagement, or another significant day are also great reasons to give her a
    special gift.
  5. Just because: spontaneity is the heart of romance– give her a surprise she’ll never forget!

couple holding hands before wedding

How to Present a Diamond Ring

  1. Plan something special. You might plan to present an engagement ring during your vacation, or at your favorite restaurant. Wherever you plan it, make it special and memorable.
  2. Get down on one knee. When it’s time to pop the question, do it like a gentleman: give her the respect, admiration and attention she deserves by getting down on bended knee.
  3. Declare your love.Tell her how special she is, how much she means to you and why you want to be with her.
  4. Place the ring on her left ring finger. Hold her hand and look into your eyes. If the ring doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s okay—that can be addressed later.
  5. Ask her for marriage. Ask her to be yours forever, and stay in the beautiful moment.

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