The Golconda Diamond Mine (And The Legend Behind It!) - HID

What is the Golconda Diamond Mine?

The Golconda diamond mine is located in India, it features one of the most important diamond mines in all of Asia. The legend of the Golconda mine is that Al Hafed was the owner of a large estate in Golconda, and lived a very happy life– until he heard about the existence of diamonds!

Obsessed with the idea of such beautiful stones, Al sold his property and spent the rest of his life wandering the earth, penniless and alone, in search of a diamond of his own. Meanwhile, the new owner of Al’s property went in search of a bucket of water for his camel– and noticed something sparkling in the bottom of the bucket. As it turns out, the owner had just discovered the first Golconda diamond– right in the stream that passed through Al Hafed’s property! Whether it is true or not, this story is now famous worldwide as an example of why we never take for granted that which we already have!

the kimberly diamond mine in south africa looks like a small but very deep blue green lake

Other Famous Diamond and Gold Mines

Some other diamonds mines are:

  1. Vatukoula- Vatukoula is the largest producing gold mine in Fiji and has been in operation since 1933. The mine has produced over seven million ounces of gold in its seventy-five years of operation.
  2. Panguma- The Panguma area spans 5,400 hectares in eastern Sierra Leone. Panguma adjoins the Tongo diamond field. In the past, the Tongo diamond field has produced $2.75 billion diamonds.
  3. The Kao Diamond Project- Located in Lesotho, South Africa, the Kao Diamond Project is the fourth largest mine in the country, at 19.8 hectares. The Kao kimberlite pipe is the largest diamond-bearing pipe in Lesotho.
  4. Rio Novo- Located in the beautiful Tapajos gold province of central Brazil, this massive area spans four claims over 30,000 hectares.