The Great Yakutia Diamond Crater

28 September 2015 / Blog

Did you know that diamonds are mined in 25 distinct countries and in every inhabited continent except for Europe? Though a certain few such as India and South Africa have developed reputations as the world’s premier diamond producing centers, diamonds actually come from sources as diverse as Canada, Botswana, Brazil, and even Russia. In fact, an enormous meteor crater in Russia’s remote northern Yakutia region is reported to have the world’s largest supply of diamonds, though most of these interstellar jewels are super-hard. This means that a unique molecular structure renders them twice as hard as gem-quality diamonds, as well as more fit to serve scientific and industrial purposes.

orange princess cut cremation diamond

Facts About Yakutia

More than twice the size of Alaska, Yakutia is a land of many environmental extremes. Known as Russia’s diamond colony, the republic offers more resources than just diamonds. It also contains many oil and natural gas deposits, as well as more than 20% of Russia’s considerable gold reserves. Also found here is phosphate, along with iron ore deposits and economically recoverable tungsten.

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