The Kimberly Process Certification System has Virtually Eliminated the Trade of Conflict Diamonds

27 December 2018 / Blog

How Has The Kimberly Process Certification System Virtually Eliminated the Trade of Conflict Diamonds?

Diamonds create growth and are good for many economies, especially in a handful of important developing countries across the globe. Unfortunately, many socially conscious consumers hesitate to use and buy diamonds for fear of partaking in conflict diamond trades, diamonds mined via slave/low paid labor and sold in order to fund violence.
Thanks to a United Nations project known as the Kimberly Process Certification System, conflict diamond trade has been almost abolished over the past 10 years. Once rampant, conflict diamonds now represent less than 1% of the global diamond market.

Princess cut white cremation diamond

The Kimberly Process and Its Flaws

The Kimberly Process Certification System does have a few main flaws:

  1. Certification terms are narrow, and focus only on conflict diamonds’ distribution and mining. This means that conditions of working environments along with child labour and fair pay are ignored.
  2. A certificate from the Kimberly process only applies to batches of diamonds. They are then cut and shipped globally, so there’s no definite way to tell exactly what country and/or mine that the diamond came from.

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