Diamonds around the World: Kimberley

13 March 2019 / Blog

What is the Kimberley Mining Site?

The South African city Kimberley is home to the world’s largest diamond mining site. Kimberley was nicknamed “the city that sparkles” because of its importance in the diamond industry– and declared a tentative UNESCO world heritage site in 2004 because of its stunning hand-dug open-air diamond mine.

Kimberley also hosted a historic meeting between African states that gave birth to the “Kimberley process,” which verifies diamond origins and has helped make tremendous strides toward ending the sale of conflict diamonds. Throughout its history, Kimberley drew immigrants and adventurers from around the world who came to seek their fortunes in the diamond mines, and thus grew into a sprawling, multicultural city that continues to attract tourists to this day.

the kimberly diamond mine in south africa looks like a small but very deep blue green lake

Other Large Diamond Mining Sites

  1. Venetia Mine, South Africa- This is currently the largest producing diamond mine in South Africa, and is located northwest of Kruger National Park near the border with Zimbabwe.
  2. Argyle, Australia- One of the largest diamond producers ever, this mine has produced more than 750 million carats of diamonds since 1982.
  3. Udachny, Russia- In operation since 1971, this open pit has yielded $80 billion worth of diamonds from 340 million tonnes of ore.

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