Are Diamonds Just For Jewelry?

20 March 2019 / Blog

Are Diamonds Just For Jewelry?

No, 80% of diamonds is used for industrial applications. They are mainly used in cutting and grinding tools and as a conductive tool, as a drill or an abrasive.

Most diamonds mined are not used for jewelry since most diamonds are naturally either far too
small or too full of impurities for use as jewelry. Only one in a million diamonds weighs over a carat, and many larger diamonds are discolored by chemicals. So what are these other, less precious diamonds used for? Despite the fact that they are less beautiful than the rare, pure diamonds that we wear on our rings, these diamonds are still extremely useful because they are so hard. Diamonds are used for numerous purposes including drilling, cutting or polishing hard surfaces, constructing small, durable, transparent windows for specialized machinery, and even as heat conductors in small electronics.

two brilliant cut white diamonds used for jewelry

Diamonds as Cremation Jewelry

For centuries, cremation rings have been made to keep the remains of loved ones close to the heart. In the past, the rings were made of wood, rock, or metal that encased images or physical remains of the dead. They mostly contained hair strands put into beautiful designs. Today, cremation jewelry contains a memorial diamond made from the remains of the deceased person’s ashes. When you choose to wear a cremation ring or a pendant, you honor the beautiful life lost by commemorating them forever.

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