Diamond Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

6 February 2019 / Blog

What Should You Know When Purchasing a Diamond?

  1. Avoid deeply cut diamonds
  2. Don’t buy a diamond at the first store you visit

Buying a diamond is a fun experience, and with a bit of knowledge and street smarts, you can find the perfect diamond that’s also incredibly affordable. Here are two common mistakes to avoid:

Avoid deeply cut diamonds.

A deeply cut diamond is a diamond cut in a way that hides its true brilliance. These diamond may be cheaper than others of equal carat, but much of the diamond will be hidden once it is set in a ring.

Don’t buy a diamond at the first store you visit.
Visit many shops, and weigh your options before choosing. Once you’ve found the diamond of your dreams, you’re sure to recognize it on sight!

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The Cost of a Cremation Diamond

Turning ashes into diamonds involves a distinct creation process, and the cost of a cremation diamond varies based on the type and size of memorial diamond you select.The four C’s are involved in the cost of a diamond. Cut, color, clarity, and carats make a difference in the price, just like in the regular diamond industry. You can also choose the color of your cremation diamond. There are many different colors to choose from, including red, blue, pink, purple, and yellow.

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