This is why jewelry from ashes is so controversial

What is cremation jewelry from ashes?

Memorializing loved ones that have passed away is an important part of the grieving process for most people. When it comes to options for celebrating the life and memory of a loved one, the sky's the limit and popular choices include:  


  • Monuments
  • Plaques
  • Urns
  • Scattering ashes
  • Dedication songs


Other people simply choose to keep the memory of their loved ones held inside deep in their heart without an extravagant outward declaration in tribute to the one who passed away.


Another option exists that dates back centuries - Cremation jewelry. 


This is a way for the family to retain a small amount of their loved one with them at all times after death. Cremation jewelry is also known as funeral jewelry, memorial jewelry, or remembrance jewelry. At Heart In Diamond, we have developed a way to take cremation jewelry to a whole new level by using the cremated ashes or hair of a loved one to grow an authentic cremation diamond, a jewel from ashes that is in tribute to a loved one.

Memorial jewelry dates back centuries, but the process of turning ashes into diamonds is still a newer concept for the average consumer

Wearing memorial jewelry in tribute to a loved one is a trend that dates back hundreds of years. Originally, the jewelry was designed to hold hair, photos, or other small mementos of the loved one who had passed away. This became very popular during the Victorian era as a way of carrying people's sentiments for the deceased. Today many women wear lockets or other jewels in honor of a beloved relative or spouse.


However, as the technology changes more possibilities become available to us. Now, the ashes of a loved one which are produced from incineration, can be used to create authentic diamonds from their cremains to create beautiful timeless pieces. The ash, otherwise called dust, powder, or charcoal is heated until it turns to graphite and then it is placed with a diamond seed crystal. The resulting gem is a bright and beautiful memory for families of their loved ones. 


Death leaves gaping hole in the survivor’s life, a cremation diamond is a way to help heal the wound

People know that after their loved one is dead they will not see them again. This creates a gaping hole in their life, an empty void. A method for remembering them is to have commemoratory jewelry created. The aim of cremation jewelry is to keep your loved one close long after they are gone.

Cremation jewelry is a unique way to remember a loved one. Together, with Heart In Diamond, you can create a piece that you feel most appropriately matches your memories of your loved 

One that you can keep close with you for eternity. 

Customize cremation jewelry to beautifully represent your loved one

Cremation jewelry comes in a wide range styles and types to choose from. The jewelry can be elegant and sensational or simple and discreet and is created out of treasures such as gold, silver, glass, or crystals. Precious and semi-precious stones can be used, or you can opt for the ultimate tribute and have your loved one’s ashes turned into a diamond that can be created in a variety of colors and carats. There are also different styles to consider - cremation rings, cremation earrings, and cremation necklaces which can hold the cremation diamond.


People who are not used to cremation jewelry or have negative feelings towards cremation may not be able to comprehend the concept and may feel it is disrespectful. However, there needs to be respect in that different people grieve for their departed loved ones in different ways. There is no shame in wanting to keep them close with you, always. In our experience, customers feel a sense of connectivity and closeness with their departed loved ones and cherish their new cremation jewelry, forever.