This is what Americans think about cremation jewelry

What to do U.S. consumers think about cremation jewelry? 

Cremation jewelry comes in many shapes, forms, styles, and sizes. From lockets that hold a small encapsulation of cremated ashes to glass beads with cremains suspended throughout, consumers have a plethora of options when it comes to memorializing a loved one with a beautiful piece of jewelry.  


At Heart In Diamond, we take diamond cremation jewelry to a new level of customization and beauty. When you send in a sample of cremated ashes or hair from a loved one, our diamond-creation experts extract the pure carbon from the organic matter, and this carbon becomes the “seed” that grows into the actual cremation diamond. Perhaps the most meaningful aspect of cremation jewelry is that it allows the mourner to hold a loved one close to their heart, physically. Forever.

How cremation jewelry stirs up mixed emotions in consumers

Indifferent. Passionate. Disturbed. Uncomfortable. Mesmerized. Bedazzled. Sentimental.


Because there are still many people apprehensive about the idea of cremation itself and even further - working with the cremains of a loved one on one’s body - many different opinions exist about cremation jewelry. 


Countless survivors have found peace and comfort by having their beloved friend, pet, spouse, family member, or whoever turned into a diamond and placed in a gorgeous jewelry setting. Nevertheless, the process and concept are not desirable to everyone. Here, we consider what different opinions people might have about cremation jewelry.


Some people find it too weird or far out to be wearing cremation jewelry. As it is still a relatively new concept, many people have not heard of it  before, and as such feel uncomfortable with the idea. However, cremation jewelry, or mourning jewelry, has been around and worn since the 16th century as a reminder of loved ones lost.


Some people may not want to be that clearly reminded of a loved one’s passing. Another reason many people are apprehensive when it comes to cremation jewelry is because of their religious beliefs or teachings against cremation in general. Certain religious groups or communities might dissuade members from the creation of cremation jewelry. 


However, there must be a respect for the fact that everyone grieves in different ways. Relatives and friends must be able to remember their loved ones in ways they wish to. Losing people who are close to us often leaves gaping holes in our lives. The bereavement process is a strong combination of physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional reactions. People can feel as if they are out of control and need something in their life to bring some stability. A way to remember the person they’ve lost.

Loved ones are undeniably irreplaceable, but cremation jewelry serves as a lasting tribute to their memory

While it is never possible to replace those we have lost, cremation jewelry plays an important role in helping the healing process. In death, the closeness you once shared with a loved one feels as if it has been lost forever. Having a piece of cremation jewelry made allows the deceased person to remain close. This gives comfort to loved ones as they feel the presence of their dearly departed and have them continue to share in your life even if they are not emotionally and physically present.


Cremation jewelry can create a constant connection and supply comfort to people as they don’t feel they have to totally let go. 


Cremation jewelry is your memory of the person you lost. You can make it ornate and sensational or simple and uncomplicated. Show off your cremation jewelry to have it noticed by people as a conversation piece, a way to share memories and stories. Alternatively, your cremation jewelry can be subtle and very personal and discreet with the true sentimental value being enjoyed by you.