Diamond urn jewelry made from ashes

Cremation diamonds are used in modern urn jewelry as memorials

Urns have been around since the dawn of cremation. Vases. Pots. Kettles. Bowls. Various containers or dishes have been used over the centuries to hold the cremated ashes of our loved ones.

However, modern times have brought about modern solutions. Far from the decorative urns that our parents knew saw as cutting edge, modern technology makes it possible to wear the cremated ashes of a loved one as urn jewelry.

Join us as we explore the history of urns and how they became memorial jewelry. Then, we will look at urn necklaces made with diamonds grown from the cremated ashes of a loved one.

Urns have evolved throughout the ages

Placing the cremated ashes of a loved one in a storage container is a sacred tradition that dates back centuries . In fact, in both India and Nepal, there are records of cremations that occurred in ancient times and urns from those regions as well. Truth is, every since cremation first began, there has always been the issue of deciding what to do with the ashes. Take a look at this ancient Roman alabaster urn.


The following is a picture of an ancient Greek urn that dates back to 840 B.C.


Throughout history, urns have served the same purpose - to hold the ashes of a loved one who was cremated. One thing that certainly has not stayed the same is the shape, style, and design of these cremation urns.

When you look at the pictures of ancient urns, you can obviously tell that people did pay attention to detail and made the urns decorative and beautiful. This trend remained constant throughout the years but the style and shapes of those details changed.

During the 19th century, the popularity of cremation climbed significantly. In fact, it’s been on an upward curve ever since and in the last two decades, the growth has been so exponential, that the last two years in a row saw more cremations on record than burials in the United States for the first time in history .

Urn jewelry emerged as a new way to hold the ashes of a loved one

People began wearing true cremation jewelry earlier in the 20th century, but it became more known in the 80s and 90s. That’s when ewelry began to be used as urns. For example, necklaces used as urns hold a small vial or container inside of the jewelry that has an opening at the top where you can fill the container with a small amount of cremation ashes. Often times these pieces of cremation jewelry look like capsules or vials.

As time went on, these styles evolved. New ways of wearing these ashes were invented, such as having them swirled within a suspension of hand blown glass that is shaped into a bead to adorn cremation jewelry. Other options include creating designs with the ashes that are set into a plaque and sealed with glass and having them mixed into clay and baked into beads that are used for memorial jewelry.

While all these concepts of cremation jewelry are nice, there is one way a jeweler can immortalize a loved one using some of there cremation ashes. What concept are we talking about here? Turning ashes into diamonds.

Turnings ashes to diamonds: What’s it look like?

Times they are a changing and there are new and innovative ways to memorialize a loved one. Through modern technology, the cremation ashes or hair of a loved one can now be transformed into diamonds.

How does this work? Diamonds are made of carbon. Carbon is contained in cremated ashes and hair. At our advanced laboratories, we are able to extract the pure carbon from these samples, and send them through our innovative process that grows that sample into a diamond. We have equipment that mimics the same conditions of high heat and high temperatures that are found deep within the earth’s mantle that transform carbon samples into diamonds by nature.

Urn jewelry like you’ve never seen before

Just to make things clear, the type of urn jewelry with cremation diamonds you will find from Heart in Diamond is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. It’s not even comparable to the homemade memorial jewelry you can find on Etsy. We sell only the highest quality jewels and jewelry just as the finest jewelers in the world sell.

We are going to showcase some of our popular pieces of cremation diamond pendants used for necklaces to give you a taste of what we have to offer.

Urn necklaces with cremation diamond pendants

If you want to hold the ashes of a loved near your heart forever, you can do it by having a cremation diamond made and set on a pendant from Heart in Diamond. Here are some of our most popular pendants.

Round cut center 18k white gold pendant setting with a clear cremation diamond

This gorgeous urn necklace is anything but simple. With its large center cremation diamond that’s completely surrounded by accent stones, this is a brilliant cremation necklace that will drop jaws and turn heads.

Elegant half-bezel 14k yellow gold pendant setting with a green cremation diamond

Simple yet elegant, this cremation pendant strikes the right balance. In the center is a large cremation diamond in a green-yellow color that is reminiscent of earth and all things natural.

Heart-shaped 14k yellow gold pendant setting with a ruby red cremation diamond

If your desire is to keep a deceased loved one close to your heart forever, there’s never been a more perfect urn necklace to do just that. This gorgeous gold heart houses a deep red cremation diamond that is grown from the ashes or hair from your loved one.