Traveling with Jewelry

17 October 2017 / Blog

Everyone likes looking good — even when on vacation. And if you are traveling for business purposes, then bringing along your best outfit and accessories might very well be a necessity

All the same, traveling with expensive clothes and accessories can be a bit stressful. Jewelry can be especially worrying — not only is it small and easy to lose, it is also very valuable in both financial and sentimental terms. Here are a few tips for smarter and more worry-free travel:

Pack intelligently. Bring only what you need, and leave the most valuable items safe at home. Sometimes, less really is more.
Storage matters. Bringing a jewelry case to prevent damage is a must.
Use your jewelry wisely. Though it may be worth wearing to a business meeting or a special date, there is no point in bringing it on that breakfast outing or an afternoon walking tour!

Brilliant diamond yellow gold ring

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