The Top 3 Most Important Diamond Cities In the World

29 May 2017 / Blog

Every diamond out there has a story and by the time it has reached you and your loved ones, it has likely traveled tremendous distances, sometimes even circling the globe. Here are a few of the most important diamond cities in the world: the odds are good that your diamond has passed through at least one.

• Kimberly, South Africa. A huge center of diamond mining, Kimberly’s entire economy was once founded on these gems.

• Surat, India. India is one of the world’s largest producers of diamonds — and many of the nation’s diamonds are either mined near this coastal metropolis, or pass through it on their way to the world wide market.

• Antwerp, Belgium. Undoubtedly the largest diamond hub in the world, Antwerp is a center for diamond cutting, hosting thousands of the most skilled diamond workers in the world. Roughly 80% of all rough gem-quality diamonds in the world pass through this city.

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